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What’s the weirdest thing a medical professional has casually said to you?


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How do they keep doing this?

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Her little backup singer :)

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law to raise minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 per hour

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Phone message How’d I do?

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Venting My girlfriend is taking testosterone and it's bothering me


I (18M) have a girlfriend (19F) who likes bodybuilding and has a 6x7 routine working out at home, she has always been strong but now takes testosterone to grow muscles and speed up her metabolism and, consequently, lose fat. She loves what she does and feels super good about it all. The problem is that the side effects have changed her appearance.

I wish it didn't bother me but it's been stronger than me. She was never the feminine type, nor was she one to wear feminine clothes. However, her face has grown very visible hair and her voice has become deeper. I love her the way she naturally is. But I don't like this new version that reminds me of a man. As a result, I have lost sexual interest also because of other changes that I prefer not to mention.

Last week we talked about the subject and I suggested removing the hair from her face and she said she wouldn't remove it because it wouldn't make it thicker. Okay. I respected it. But I feel really bad because I don't like these changes and somehow this conversation affects her self-esteem.

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To act normal while driving

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died for our sins?

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Act 1 - Spoilers What Makes Githyanki The Least Selected Race?


I saw some data that Larian posted a while ago showing Giths to be the least popular race over literally everything else. Why is this the case?

I just picked the game up on a whim, having not played a single turn-based combat RPG in my life, and I’m having an incredible time. My first impression of the game was the cutscene with the Giths taking the Nautiloid down on dragons, and then I went straight into the character creator. I immediately thought “oh they’re the cool heroic warriors that actually have the means to defeat these squid things” and picked Githyanki as my class immediately (I also preemptively decided I wanted to romance Lae’zel based on the trailer and that was her race, even though I ended up preferring Shadowheart wayyy more).

Obviously the Giths are not the heroic dragon-riding heroes that I initially thought they were, but I’m genuinely surprised there weren’t way more people like me who picked up the game with no prior knowledge and thought being a Gith would be fucking cool.

I’ve also absolutely loved playing as this race the entire way through. I’m trying to be a stoic hero on my first run-through, and always having the option to say the most out of pocket shit in the [GITHYANKI] sections is hilarious. It also made the Githyanki crèche section one of the most enjoyable moments in the game for me (I went in with only my Tav and Lae’zel and we had a sort of duo adventure, coming to grips with the true nature of our people).

So yeah I’m just curious as to why Giths aren’t getting the recognition they deserve as excellent race choices.

Edit: I can’t believe the majority of answers amounted to “no nose”. Simple and reasonable.

Edit 2: I’m really glad my Tav can’t read these, you guys are brutal. Feel like I have to tell him he’s beautiful to me after this absolute roasting.

Edit 3: This is my first post in this community and I’m trying to read everyone’s responses, but it’s so overwhelming. It feels really cool to be involved in such an active and enthusiastic community, you’re all really helpful even if you’re saying “no nose” or “ugly” over and over again. Lots of fun! Nice to engage with a new group of people with shared passions.

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Discussion what movie jerks actually had a point?


here are a few examples.

harry from night of the living dead. him being a colossal asshole doesn't stop him from being absolutely right that hiding out in the basement would have increased the group's chances of survival.

clubber lang from rocky 3. sure, he's an arrogant loudmouth who can't even breathe without being disrespectful but he did absolutely win the championship fair and square.

fletcher from whiplash. he may be an extremely verbally abusive asshole but he is right that some people need to be pushed beyond their capabilities to be able to achieve greatness.

mr potter from it's a wonderful life. while he is easily one of the most morally bankrupt characters in all of cinema(to the point where there's even a popular fan theory that he's supposed to represent the devil while george is meant to represent jesus), he is correct that george's father, as nice of a guy as he was, wasn't very business savvy. even george admits that he has a point.

eric matthews from saw 2. he is a dirty cop but he is absolutely right that john kramer, no matter how much he tries to justify his actions, is still a murderer. as he accurately puts it "putting a gun to someone's head and forcing them to pull the trigger is still murder".

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Support sir what the actual fuck

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Politics John Fetterman got on his suit and tie after formal dress code reinstated in the US Senate chambers

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Video This is how a conversation in the Metaverse looks like

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Source and full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVYrJJNdrEg

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Jasmine Crockett

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AITAH for wanting a divorce after cancer


Sorry this is gonna be long.

I (35f) and my husband (36m) have been married for 8 years, together for 11. We’ve got two kids (6 and 8). Last year I was diagnosed with cancer. Although the treatment was brutal, I pulled through, or so it seems for now. The truth is, things have not been smooth for the past 5 years or so. I have been trying to fit in what my husband sees as ideal life, living in remote locations and adjusting my life to make it work for us as a family. His dream is to live by the ocean, far from people. I’m a city girl. For the sake of making it work for both of us, I’ve taken jobs that are well below my abilities. For him though it does look like it’s what I wanted. It was, because at that point it was the only available thing given the compromise. My husband was living his dream life not even realizing that my resentment was building up. I did bring this up many times but he was dismissive. Things blew up two times - he saw me flirting with another guys (I never even kissed anyone, but it was an emotional betrayal probably). I gave up alcohol 3 years ago to make sure I’m always in control and don’t do stupid shit that can ruin my relationship.

My husband is a great father. I’ve never had a father like that. He loves our children and they have a great relationship. So do I with my kids. But he isn’t a great partner. He asks me every day about my day, but never really listens to what I say. He keeps talking about his work but doesn’t notice me.

He makes a lot more than me (7-10x), but insists that we pay everything 50/50 “to keep it fair”. During the past years I’ve been covering more expenses that him, and I was working full-time during my treatment. He never offered to pay for any extras. In his book, there were years (my pregnancies) when I was paying less, so now it’s fair that I pay more.

I don’t feel emotionally connected to him at all. And I don’t want to have sex with him. I have a history of abuse and I need an emotional connection to enjoy sex. But for the past 5 years he’s been only touching me if and when he needs sex. I’ve given in so many times and cried after because it felt like I’ve betrayed myself but I had to do it because he needs it and I’m a spouse.

So now, I’ve been still contemplating divorce for over 8 months. I’m out of treatment and I don’t know if I’m gonna stay healthy for a long time. But I’m tired of compromises. He is a nice guy and we’re planning to start a therapy, but I just want to live a new life. Therapy seems like a burden to me.

AITA for wanting a divorce?

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Bryce Harper is ejected by Angel Hernandez, throws his helmet into the seats

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25F am I ugly?


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The amount of lost earbuds my boyfriend found today on one commercial plane

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AITA for asking my husband to not eat lunch at night?


We're a one income family. We have a 10yo and baby who's under a year old. I don't/can't work due to health/chronic pain issues. My husband works full time usually 35-40 hours a week.

When I cook dinner, I make enough so my husband has leftovers to take to work the next day. He has the habit of eating what's supposed to be his lunch as a large night time snack before bed. We have plenty of stuff he can snack on or heat up that's not his lunch for the next day. Then he ends up eating out instead and he hates fast food so he spends $20-$25 on lunch each day he eats his lunch as a snack. This adds up and makes money tighter for us. I get its his income but it's affecting the entire family. I've asked him to not eat his lunch as a snack but he says he loves my cooking and can't help it and I should feel complimented he enjoys it so much. I do appreciate he likes what I cook so much, but I also like knowing our bills will all be paid and we can afford gas, groceries, household supplies, and stuff for the kids without being in the red each week.


Edit: if I make more for dinner he will have 3rd/4th helpings. I do the grocery shopping and try to get everything I can on his snack list, he will still eat his lunch as a snack. Hubby is a recovering gambling addict and currently owes $100k in back taxes that I'm trying to also budget to pay towards each month. He currently works in retail making around $40k a year. He has a masters in economics and used to make $200k+ but some bad decisions in life messed that up and he ended up in legal trouble and can no longer work in his former industry.

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Live News Omg wow this

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Representative Crockett (D-TX) proving why the republicans' impeachment inquiry is a sham

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I mean, there’s that

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This is how to handle Fraud . If you have a dash camera