r/MurderedByWords May 30 '23

Who knew waluigi would bring out the hypocrisy?

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u/efyuar May 30 '23

Oof, taste of own medicine is the worst


u/SmoltzforAlexander May 30 '23

I always thought Waluigi was just playing a heel character, like a wrestler.

It’s a bummer to see that he’s a jerk in real life too… first Brett Favre, then Waluigi… never meet your heroes.


u/Callabrantus May 30 '23

A real blue shell to the nads.


u/EniChaos Jul 24 '23

No, Waluigi is ahead of you. That's a WHITE shell.


u/[deleted] May 30 '23

Never meet your Waheroes


u/mbklein May 31 '23

More like waaaaahluigi amirite


u/Onixren May 31 '23

Estpolis and Totodile win the battle! Lol Waluigi needs better pokemons.


u/AdOk932 May 31 '23

Kids. That's imposter, not the real Walluigy. Walluigy would never be such Hippocrat


u/dylans0123495 May 30 '23

At least the waluigi guy remains in-character by being hypocritical


u/Hatecraftianhorror May 31 '23

Or to put it a slightly different but still accurate way "As an able bodied, cis het white guy there are no slurs that describe me that are in any way linked to the oppression of and violence against people like myself, so everyone else should be able to feel nothing in the face of slurs against them that do have a history in their oppression and violence against them and others like them!"


u/SomebodyThrow May 31 '23

White Rich Dude - You should lose your rights, you are a THREAT.(engages in stochastic terrorism.)

Minority - I don't think you should be allowed to do that and I'm going to speak out about it so that you face criticism for your dangerous influence.

White Rich Dude - You've gone too far and are trying to cancel me.I'm calling for a civil war and your destruction. You brought this on yourself.

It's like watching the most obviously gaslight filled abusive relationship play out on a global scale... over and over and over and over...


u/Capthowdy951 May 31 '23

It's sad how many people can't distinguish the difference between being offended vs pointing out the ignorance of someone else.


u/Ok_Mud5005 May 31 '23

Too bad thin skinned people use “oppression” and “privilege” as an excuse instead of focusing on why they are in that situation


u/Stabbmaster May 31 '23

Don't really see any of the "being offended" that is supposedly being implied there, but whatever. I'm just disappointed that he passed up a golden opportunity to respond with "Waaaa ha ha ha"


u/Guideon72 Jun 01 '23

So, we're going to focus on his use of a video game character for an avatar and just give him a pass on using offensive/demeaning language to harangue people into not taking words offensively/demeaningly? :p


u/Sensitive-Let-5744 Jun 01 '23

Damn Waluigi is based as fuck