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Who needs helmets or protective gear am i right


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u/couchfly Jun 05 '23

the number of times i met someone who only survived because they were wearing a helmet (usually motorcycle accidents but still).. looking like a dork is so low on my list of things i give a shit about.


u/PapiJesu Jun 05 '23

I had a buddy in grade school who was going down a steep hill and lost control of his bike going headfirst into a tree. He cracked his helmet but thankfully his skull wasn’t broken. Helmets save lives


u/BranchReasonable9437 Jun 05 '23

Dumped my bike underestimating a turn and hit my head twice at 50mph. Heard a couple of donks, dusted myself off and rode home. Helmets save lives


u/katmc68 Jun 11 '23

The number of times I've met people who survived while not wearing a helmet made looking like a dork a priority for me.


u/Weaselpanties Jun 05 '23

I didn't wear a helmet when I was a kid, and I crashed and hit my head several times. Now I have TLE and memory problems, so, you know, I'll take looking "like a dork" any day.


u/Snushine Jun 05 '23

Imagine the shallowness it takes to judge the appearance of a child.


u/Stabbmaster Jun 05 '23

Wow, an actual word murder for once.


u/GreggoryBasore Jun 06 '23

Fucker's acting like "Parent making their kids play safe" is some new fangled thing that's only come about with younger generations, as opposed to a matter of particular parenting style that's been an ongoing thing for over 50 fucking years!

I was a kid in the '80s and when my brother got a skateboard, the first thing he was handed were pads and a helmet with a strict understanding that a helmet was absolutely manddatory if he was riding his board or doing tricks.

This dipshit having parents who didn't give enough fucks about his cranial integrity, does not mean other parents weren't being responsible.


u/NobleExperiments Jun 06 '23

I grew up in a time and place where kids rode in the back of open pickup trucks, and know one who died and one with severe head injuries, both from falling out of the truck. I've heard the "I did XYZ and turned out okay", and I always point out that, in fact, they did not turn out okay if they still think it's an acceptable thing.


u/FroyoStrict6685 Jun 05 '23

Wearing a helmet and other protective gear is very important, especially if youre going to a skatepark or trying new tricks on your equipment. I dont wear a helmet because I just ride my skateboard around for the most part now, but I recommend wearing one whenever I suggest someone tries skateboarding


u/Pleasant_Living1130 Jun 06 '23

When it comes to riding my motorcycles, I wear a helmet. Even when I'm riding in no-helmet states. It's just the smart thing to do.


u/DrBraniac Jun 05 '23

Am I the only one who actually finds helmets cool?


u/Gacel_ Jun 10 '23

I say it depends on the helmet.
There are some really cool ones.
Specially on stake.

And things like full face motorbike and mountain-bike helmets are plain cool most of the time.


u/Greaterdivinity Jun 05 '23

I'm not sure if that's the murder or if OP is committing suicide by basically admitting their parents were totally fine with their child suffering easily avoidable traumatic brain injury. Because clearly they didn't care about their kid enough to teach them some basics like, "Helmets work and save lives."


u/Hatecraftianhorror Jun 07 '23

Helmets are only useless if you never need them. Sadly, you can't control whether you need one or not, and you don't get a chance in the moment to put one on.


u/TurboGranny Jun 05 '23

Can confirm. Lots of head injuries have made me a fairly bitchy person. I'm trying my best though, lol.


u/Sombreador Jun 05 '23

They made him wear a pointed helmet? Like a viking or something? That would be so rad.


u/Kayninez Jun 11 '23

Got bad TBI from a skating accident. Fuck that guy