---> You are responsible for knowing the rules before posting or commenting. These rules exist for a reason, sometimes that reason is quality control and sometimes they exist because it's easier on the moderation team. Either way if you violate these rules, ignorance is not an excuse. <---

Submission Rules

Rule 1: Post must include a Murder or Burn!

  • What is a murder? By its definition, a murder is a response which completely destroys the original argument in a way that leaves little to no room for reply.
  • What is a burn? A burn is a targeted, well-placed jab at another person, organization, or group of people.
  • Check the wiki for positive and negative examples. If you are unsure if your post is a burn or murder, check the wiki.
  • Make sure your post isn't missing important context. Posts without at least two parties will be removed.

Rule 2: No Reposts

  • Do not repost content.
  • Reposts of content from the top 60 of all time will be removed.
  • Reposts of content from the last 6 months will be removed.
  • Reposting something that is still on the subreddit's front page may result in a temporary ban. Take a moment to search Hot and Top/Week to see if someone posted your post before.
  • Reposting something that was posted in the 12 hours before your post may result in a temporary ban. Take a moment to search New to see if someone posted your post before.

Rule 3: Don't submit messy content.

  • Don't include mentions of this sub in the screenshot or your post will be removed.
  • If your post is an eyesore, meaning it's almost unreadable or terribly cropped, it will be removed.

Rule 4: No memes or meme-like posts.

  • That includes joke submissions. Content that fits any of those categories will be removed.
  • Screenshots from TV shows/movies are NOT burns or murders and will be removed
  • Meta posts will also be removed. If you have a question or an issue with this subreddit, message the moderators

Rule 5: No hate speech

Rule 6: Censor personal information.

  • Screenshots only. Links to external websites are not allowed.
  • Censor all real names, especially in content from Facebook. Posts showing personal information may be removed.
  • Public figures of any kind are an exception to this rule.
  • Doxxing/brigading in general will lead to a ban.

Comment Rules

  1. This subreddit is NOT a downvote brigade. If you provide others with links or personal information which would allow others to harass the "murderer" or the "victim", you will be banned.
  2. Be excellent to each other. Trolling, flaming, and any kind of hate speech are prohibited. Depending on the comment, you may receive a ban and your comment will be removed.
  3. Doxxing, harassment, advocating violence and brigading are not allowed, and are a violation of Reddit sitewide rules. Your comment will be forwarded to the admins immediately!
  4. Follow the Reddiquette.

Bannable offenses

Items on the following list may lead to a temporary or even permanent ban from /r/MurderedByWords:

  • Spam
  • Violating Rule 5.
  • Trying to circumvent AutoMod.
  • Reposting your removed post without contacting the moderators first.
  • Insulting/harassing other users (that does include mods).


Q: What is the difference between a murder and burn anyway?

A: The mod team, and even the MurderedByWords community, have struggled for several years now as we've tried to define the difference. It's quite subjective, almost an "I know it when I see it!" situation. However, there are some generalities. Please read through our wiki page What is a murder?

Murders tend to be longer. It's nearly impossible to "murder" someone inside of a tweet. It's just not long enough. You can commit a fairly severe burn, but as a general rule, a murder is far more complete. A real murderer will put effort into entirely destroying the original argument. Length doesn't always equal quality, but there is some correlation. Murders tend to be long form, taking a minute or several to read, and THOROUGHLY deconstruct an argument and/or the person making it.

Basically, anything that you would think is a witticism, one liner, snappy comeback, or hot take is more likely to be a burn than a murder. As the name of the sub is MurderedByWords, posts of this type have a harder time gaining in popularity, and a better fit for those posts may be /r/clevercomebacks or r/rareinsults.

Q: The sub is called MurderedByWords so why do you even allow burns?

A: Often a sub ends up slightly different than the creator originally intended and that's what happened here. User polls have shown that about half of the sub wanted only murders and half wanted both. As a compromise we have created a filter button in the subreddit's sidebar. The button allows you to filter for only murders, if you're interested in only the best this sub has.

Q: How does something get tagged as a murder or a burn?

A: Most of the Hot content you will come across here will probably be a burn but not be flaired as such. The "Murder" flair is for individual handpicked posts, which really stand out from the rest.

Q: My submission was removed, why?

A: When a submission is removed, a comment is made by the moderator team indicating which rule that post broke. The flair is also changed accordingly. If you're still unclear please message us in modmail. A link to send us modmail is provided at the bottom of that removal comment.

Q: Okay, but I had upvotes and this was clearly a murder/burn!

A: Upvotes are not always an accurate measurement of whether a post belongs here or not. The reason for that is that users often upvote or downvote if they like/dislike a post and not depending on if it's the right fit for this sub or not. That is especially true if a post hit the frontpage, in which case we see a large influx of new users. If you still think that a removal was made in error, please message us in modmail (also see previous question).

Q: Can I join the mod team?

A: It's a soul sucking job with bad hours and worse (no) pay but if you really want to join the mod team than keep an eye out for the next round of mod applications. The use of Discord is REQUIRED to be a moderator.

Q: Why is your sub so left-/right-wing? Does the mod team have an agenda?

A: We are politically neutral. The moderators do have individual political opinions but are carefully screened to ensure the sub remains that way. A large number of the moderator team are not even from/located in the United States, and we don't care about American politics or Presidential elections. If you're seeing bias in the political content it's because subscribers, or potentially users from /r/all, have submitted it and/or are upvoting it.