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Announcement Reddit Blackout to support people with disability


Hi everyone, I saw this posted on another sub and was wondering what people’s thoughts are on joining in? These changes will make it really hard for people with disability to access Reddit :( something that I feel very strongly about. Would love to see our inclusive Swiftie community join in.

Edit: wow the support for this warms my heart <3 would be fantastic if we could do this, I think it will be up to the mods to lock/ make this sub private on the day. Will leave it up to the mods to make the time/ etc official too. Thank you everyone ❤️❤️

r/taylorswift is joining the Reddit blackout from June 12th to protest the planned API changes that will kill 3rd party apps and Reddit access for vision impaired people

Hey r/taylorswift

Recently Reddit Inc has announced changes to their API which, if enacted, will shut down many, if not all, 3rd party apps that a large number of Redditors use to access and enjoy their favourite communities. Critically, this also completely guts access to Reddit for visually impaired people as screen readers are 3rd party apps.

One of the most critical changes to the API is that it is moving from a free to a paid model, resulting in expenses that developers of 3rd party apps simply cannot afford. To put the price change in to context, Apollo, one of the most popular 3rd party apps for Reddit, is looking at a cost of US$1.7 million per month to continue operating. That's a cost of US$12,000 per 50 million API requests. In contrast, Apollo pays Imgur US$166 for every 50 million API calls.

This means popular apps like Apollo, Reddit Is Fun, Narwhal and many more will have to shut down, permanently.

Even if you're not using a 3rd party app yourself, these changes are likely to impact the communities you enjoy as well, with the vast majority of moderation teams relying on 3rd party or self-made tools, that utilise Reddit's API.

Additionally, if you are a member of a community that uses bots - those will also cease to function.

And on top of all that, it paints a bleak picture of what is to come for those of us who use other tools, like Reddit Enhancement Suite and old.reddit.com.

Here's a little TLDR on why this is important.

So what are we planning?

On June 12th, we and a growing number of other subs - large and small - will go dark. During that time, you will not be able to view or post any content on r/taylorswift from June 12th 0:00 EST to June 13th 11:59 EST.

This action isn't something we take lightly.

We understand that Reddit is a company that has to make money in order to offer us a place to be the community that we are - but killing 3rd party apps is not the way to do it.

We are not asking Reddit to provide a paid service for free - we are asking for reasonable pricing for apps that people have come to love and depend on to participate in their communities.

We can't tell you that the blackout will solve the problem, because we simply don't know. But we have to try.

What you can do to support this

While subs going dark is one thing, regular users can help as well.

Reach out to Reddit via the channels available to you: Modmail r/reddit, comment in relevant posts regarding the API changes, submit your comments via the contact forms.

Spread the word about the changes and the consequences where you can. Doesn't have to be on Reddit. The important thing is getting it attention.

Participate in the communities that highlight this issue: r/Save3rdPartyApps, r/apolloapp, r/redditisfun, r/getnarwhal

And finally stay off Reddit completely from June 12th to 14th. The blackout is one thing, but users staying away from the site entirely will send an equally important message.

But don't forget: Don't be a jerk. As frustrating as this is, being toxic or aggressive is not the way to go. Remember the human on the other side of the screen.

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Megathread The Eras Tour Megathread: Detroit, MI (Warning: Spoilers)


Spoiler/Meetup Mega

Main Setlist

Surprise Songs

Setlist Spreadsheet

The Eras Tour VIP Posters

Outfit Tracker

Detroit, enjoy the marvellous tune! Please use this thread to share photos and videos, talk about the show, arrange meetups, ask questions, etc. We will be posting a new thread for every city.

Please do not post spoilers on the sub as they will be removed.

Show list

  • June 9th @ Ford Field with girl in red & Gracie Abrams

  • June 10th @ Ford Field with girl in red & OWENN

For more information, make sure to check out the official Eras Tour website. Upcoming tour dates can also be seen in our events widget.

Other Megathreads

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News Tennis Number 1 Iga Swiatek credits Taylor Swift for helping her learn English and says: “when I was a teenager, when I listened to her, I didn't feel alone”.


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Discussion Taylor now following 1 person on Facebook!

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Photo Flavor Flav is at tonight’s show

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Photo Taylor at Ford Field in 2006 with Dan Campbell (then 89, now Lions Coach)

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Photo I made every single Taylor Swift album cover in Midnights style


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Tour/Concerts How to best support my swiftie at the eras tour?


I’m a fan, for sure, but my partner is a true long-time swiftie. I’m stoked we got tickets and super excited to go. We are going to get there ridiculously early, and I’m planning to be the runner for snacks, drinks, and merch for the night.

How else can I best support my swiftie to make the eras tour experience as amazing as possible?

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Discussion Saddest Taylor Swift lyrics that pierces your heart right through?


For me it's, 1) I'm on a bench in Coney Island, "wondering where did my baby go?". 2) I made you my temple, my mural, my sky. 3) I gave so many signs. 4) Clear blue waters high tide came and brought you in, skies grew darker currents swept you out again 😭. 5) So I'll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breath And I'll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are 6) If I can't relate to you anymore, then who am I related to? And if this is the long haul, how'd we get here so soon? 7) And when I walked up to the podium.... I think that I forgot to say your name 😭 8) Just between us, did the love affair maim you too? 9) I'm getting older, but your lovers stay my age. 10) I know my love should be celebrated, but you tolerate it. 😭💔

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Discussion What’s your favorite taylor swift lyric with time?

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mine is: ————— The lingering question kept me up 2 AM who do you love?

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Photo I finally found a copy of the Long Pond Studio Sessions! It sounds so much better than the Disney+ version.

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Discussion Elon musk calls Taylor Swift Napoleon Dynamite in drag.

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Art The album cover is so pretty i had to redraw it. [OC]

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Discussion The top25 most streamed albums on Spotify this Wednesday (June 7th), Taylor occupies eight out of the25, with Midnights at number one

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News 'Midnights' has now sold over 5 million total units in the US. It's the first 2020s album by a female artist to reach this milestone

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Costume 🎭 Finished my outfit for MPLS!

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Hey friends! Getting so psyched for my Eras show on June 23rd! This will be my third show with my husband (Reputation and 1989) and was a STRUGGLE to get tickets….but we did!

I love RED and that was totally the first album I bought. I loved the 22 video and decided to emulate that look. Cut the shirt into a muscle tee, got red shorts, red socks, red bicep bands and glasses. I got red body glitter too which I was afraid to test out bahaha.

I’m beyond excited for this show ESPECIALLY cause it’s Pride Weekend ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️

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News It Took 7 Years For Taylor Swift To Finally Rebuild Her Reputation. Then She Destroyed In Just Four Weeks.


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Art Bigger than the whole sky💜 which one should i draw next?

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News Taylor Swift becomes the first female artist in history to surpass 90 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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Tour/Concerts Minecraft eras tour



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News Brazil presale (exclusive for C6 clients) has over 1M fans in line, sells out in an hour

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Pretty impressive considering Brazil is not widely considered one of her most popular demographics. Hoping she will open more dates here!

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Discussion Any unreciprocated feelings type of song recommendations?


I know it's occasional but i find this subject to be more painful than breakup sometimes but i feel like she hasn't many lyrics about the first. So any song of this you can think of i'm taking. Also the "you're too much for me; I shouldn't even try" type. Basically i'm looking for music to relate and be humiliated by.

Examples: Teardrops On My Guitar, Hey Stephen (perfect js), Gorgeous, Gold Rush.

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Photo Finally got to add something to my car that I've wanted to do for ages

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Little Games Round 11: Best 3-Word Taylor Swift Lyric


First, the winning verse from Round 9 (best 5-word lyric) is:

Forever is the sweetest con (with 30% of the vote)

The runners up were:

  • 2nd place: You're not my homeland anymore (13% of the votes)
  • 3rd place: That's a real fucking legacy (11% of the votes)
  • 4th place: I wouldn't marry me either (11% of the votes)

Which means the results so far are:

  1. (13): You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath
  2. (12): Please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere
  3. (11): Now I'm begging for footnotes in the story of your life
  4. (10): You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
  5. (9): So casually cruel in the name of being honest
  6. (8): Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream
  7. (7) Leaving like a father, running like water
  8. (6) You drew stars around my scars
  9. (5) Forever is the sweetest con

Vote for the round 10 (best 4-word lyric) winner here!

For Round 11, please comment below with a 3-word lyric that you think is top tier. For example: "Some wannabe z-lister"*

As before, in the next round, I'll post a poll with top/select comments from this round, so that we can vote on a winner, along with the final winning verse from Round 4. Then I'll also ask you to comment with the best 2-word lyric. We'll play this game all the way down to the best single word in any of her songs.

Finally, two brief clarifying points:

  • In case anyone was wondering, let's make a blanket rule that hyphenated words count as one word, not two
  • A subset of a winning verse from a prior round will be ineligible in later rounds (i.e., "running like water" will be ineligible for best 3-word lyric)

All that said: what's your favorite 3-word lyric??

*Just for fun, I'm going to try to pick the cheesiest lyrics I can think of as the example in each post (though tbh I low-key love this one)

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Photo Spotted in a little chocolate shop in Cornwall, England!

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Photo My local coffee shop has a Taylor swift inspired menu ahead of the concert this coming weekend.

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Discussion Which album has the best bridges overall?


Taylor swift is literally known for her bridges. Girl doesn't have a single bad bridge in her entire discography. But I do personally think that bridges from speak now and evermore stand out the most.