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Something something SiLeNt MaJoRiTy

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u/Roofies666 May 26 '23

GW really had that folksy charm, didn't he? People wanted to get a beer with him and thought he was an alright dude so that made up for all the war crimes and awful shit he signed off on while president.

Cool, cool, cool, so very cool.


u/OnTheFenceGuy May 26 '23

It was more about the “Patriotism” the country was still feeling, and the fact that the Iraq War seemed to be going well.


u/gundumb08 May 26 '23

This. He was a "wartime President" and that carried his votes. And in 2004 we still had no idea there were no WMDs in Iraq (there was still a decent sized pushback as people thought it distracted from the actual War in Afghanistan).

It was simply a "don't rock the boat" scenario; plus that Swiftboat BS and some Voting Law shenanigans didn't help.


u/[deleted] May 26 '23

it was nationalism. nationalism.


u/ThePaddysPubSheriff May 26 '23

If I was a warmonger with no morals I'd absolutely have a beer with the guy


u/Mapsachusetts May 26 '23

Unfortunately for all the immoral warmongers, he hasn’t drank since 1986. But you can always go hunting with Cheney instead!


u/ThePaddysPubSheriff May 26 '23

I tell you what, you can always bet on something interesting happening when you chill with R's


u/porksoda11 May 27 '23

He will shoot you in the face and then you have to apologize to him!


u/qb1120 May 26 '23

He also had the name recognition. If a person showed up to the movie theater and it had "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" or "The Fly" on the marquee, a lot of people would say "Hey, I remember the first Chainsaw Massacre, I'll give it a shot."


u/[deleted] May 27 '23

And that address after 9/11 is pretty well one of the best speeches I had to analyse in English Language in high school.