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u/SockPuppet-47 May 26 '23


Can't win a fair election without all the handicap advantages they're given. Without gerrymandering and the Electoral College we wouldn't be concerned at all about their shitty policies.


u/FitVisit4829 May 26 '23

One of the main reasons they're so against mail-in's and ranked choice voting.

They know for a fact they have to cheat to win in most cases, and can't actually win a fair vote to save their asses.

It's why they project so much without a shred of proof, because they know they're the ones doing it.


u/floatingby493 May 27 '23 edited May 27 '23

The irony is that their policies regarding voting are likely costing them votes. They want everyone to have to vote in person but many older people aren’t able to drive and wait in line to vote. They are making it harder for their base to vote.


u/Slyvester121 May 27 '23

They tend to only outlaw things like drive-in voting in city centers, which lean heavily democratic. The regulations often don't extend to rural areas.


u/floatingby493 May 27 '23

That’s a good point