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Something something SiLeNt MaJoRiTy

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u/SolomonCRand May 26 '23

Silent majority = minority of the population that has loudly complained about every thing that they find more than mildly frustrating for the last two decades


u/KecemotRybecx May 26 '23

For real. They bitch constantly.


u/[deleted] May 26 '23

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u/Americrazy May 27 '23

‘Imma buy a shit ton of ‘bUd LiGhT’ and set it ON FIRE to show the woke corporate elite!!’


u/threemo May 27 '23

They said, being the generation that handed out trophies to everyone


u/B_R_U_H May 26 '23

Look at me! Look ✌️👀 I’m the victim now!


u/MisterDonkey May 27 '23

They find any way to squeeze whatever they're displeased with at the moment into the current conversation. Unsolicited, unprovoked.

While bitching that "they're cramming it down our throats".

I'm like, 'I'm just trying to work here, and you're cramming this shit down my throat right now.' It's stupid how they don't see that they're doing exactly what they're bitching about.


u/[deleted] May 26 '23

silent = oppressed, victimized

majority = powerful

in their fantasy, they are powerful victims. fascist double speak


u/kitsunewarlock May 27 '23

The only thing "silent" about them is the empty tracts of land and tumbleweeds that get to choose our supreme court justices.


u/Cyrano_Knows May 27 '23

There was a video interview with a woman that came on to complain about the idea that the presidential election should be a popular vote (ie get rid of the Elector College).

She was so, so indignant. The reasoning she gave: Why should their vote count for more than mine?


u/Dearest_Prudence May 27 '23

Silenced majority.


u/bpierce2 May 27 '23

Loudly complained about everything that has rolled back their built in privilege in scoociety they never deserved in the first place.