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u/BatmansBigBro2017 May 26 '23

It’s a leftover practice from the post civil war period. It needs to end. Along with a lot of archaic things we do.


u/Lots_o_Llamas May 26 '23

We need to eliminate the electoral college, actively combat gerrymandering, institute ranked choice voting, and overturn Citizens United.

But fuck man. We can't even get people to agree on universal background checks for buying an AR-15.


u/Glorthiar May 26 '23

Make everything these people don't cheat and steal elections what it is, a crime against democracy and every single constituent affects.

It's not just fraud, it's treason.


u/neilcmf May 27 '23

Eliminating the EC is a gargantuan judicial task. However, there are ways to put in place a "popular vote", even with the EC still in place:

  • There is no federal law that states that the electorates of the EC actually have to vote on the winner of their state. States are free to do whatever, and some states literally have no laws on the books as to the voting of electorates. With this in mind:

---> There are a couple of states that have signed the NPVIC, which more or less states that if a group of states manages to totally represent =>270 electoral votes, then those votes HAVE to go to the popular vote winner; this would more or less force the EC into functioning as a PV system - without changing federal laws. This is a far easier route than making changes in the constitution.

However, the everlasting problem is actually getting enough states w/ enough EVs to hit that 270-mark. They're at 205 right now, which is not a terrible state to be in, but those remaining 65 are going to be tough to get.


u/Droidatopia May 27 '23

If they try to put that into place, you can bet the remaining states will sue and then it will be subject to the whims of the Supreme Court. If it is this court, my guess is they will not look upon it kindly.


u/neilcmf May 27 '23

I'm not a constitutional lawyer but I do not think there are any constitutional grounds to overturn the NPVIC.

And again - it's an easier route than changing the constitution itself which would likely entail even more legal and political friction.