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u/Lady_von_Stinkbeaver May 26 '23


The Swiftboaters were such a crock of shit that Republicans were even using it to mean slandering your opponent just a few years later.


u/Nimonic May 26 '23

The swiftboat thing was utterly absurd, looking on from Europe. A guy who lead men in the Vietnam War, getting three (!) Purple Hearts for it, was portrayed as a weak coward, while his draft-dodging opponent was portrayed as a hero.

And he didn't draft dodge for noble and moral reasons, like being against the war or refusing to kill.


u/MyAltimateIsCharging May 27 '23

Honestly I wouldn't have issue with Trump or any American draft dodging Vietnam if they then didn't go on to be a chicken hawk and try to build a tough guy warrior brand. If you're going to be an authoritarian who advocates for war, at least walk the walk first.


u/tenninjas242 May 27 '23

Yeah that's the thing... The whole point of being in charge of that kind of authoritarian regime is so you can send someone else's kids to die.


u/ThePizzaB0y May 27 '23

For profit of course


u/[deleted] May 27 '23

I mean, to be fair to Trump, he'd probably send Tiffany and Eric to Fallujah if he had the chance.


u/NapoleonBlownapart9 May 27 '23

Remember, he told Howard Stern that his “personal Vietnam was having so much sex and trying to dodge STDs”. What a fat sack of anal mucus.


u/Wandering_Scout May 27 '23

I'm a combat veteran who also fought in a stupid, pointless war (Iraq).

I'd respect the hell out of anyone who said,

"I did not want to go to Vietnam. It seemed like a pointless waste of lives and unfortunately our government had draconian laws that would screw you for life if you stood up against the war and refused to be conscripted, like what the government did to Muhammad Ali. My family pulled some strings and I did not go. It does keep me up at night sometimes knowing some poor kid from the ghetto or the barrio or the trailer park went in my place and may have died. And as your president, I will think of that Unknown Soldier every time before I commit troops to combat."


u/Royal_Body1024 May 27 '23

I thought he didn't go to war. Just barked about it. Genuine question.


u/meep_meep_mope May 27 '23 edited May 27 '23

I was working HVAC that year and guy I worked for would blast Rush Limbaugh in his truck all day. Dude was also a vet and I asked him about this very point. He thought it was funny that you could be a war hero and still be called a pussy.

Sometimes even Limbaugh would go too far and he'd change the station.

Well he has three daughters now and women aren't people anymore, they're baby incubators, so I'm sure that joke was hilarious.


u/2pacalypso May 26 '23

It's fuckin ludicrous how shameless these motherfuckers are


u/Lady_von_Stinkbeaver May 27 '23


"Swiftboating is when liberals make up lies about Glorious War President George W. Bush, am I right, fellow Republicans?"


u/friendfromsp May 26 '23 edited May 27 '23

He wasn't the worst president in history. At least two other Republicans were worse (Reagan, Trump)

Edit: see, the fun part was I said at least two other Republicans. They have made horrible presidents so many times that of course there would be more.


u/[deleted] May 27 '23



u/samlastname May 27 '23

I'm with you on Jackson and Johnson but can you elaborate on

Wilson: Literally every single foreign policy entanglement America presently strains under and that it had strained under over the past over a hundred years now can be traced back to how this fucklenut conducted himself about WWI

Not saying I disagree or anything--I'm not super into US history so I don't know what you're referring to and I'm interested. I can sort of see how the League of Nations could be interpreted as the beginning of a new age of Western control over the world, but maybe you're thinking more specifically?


u/PatchNotesPro May 27 '23

Each republican 'public servant' since the 60s has knowingly accelerated the world's destruction through climate change.


u/gmick May 27 '23

Nixon gave us our horrible healthcare system.


u/stiiii May 26 '23

Well they have certainly done a good job. I doubt anyone thinks Bush was the worst any more!


u/internet_commie May 26 '23

Well, he was back then. Now, more like second worst.


u/Smoaktreess May 27 '23

I would say Pierce, Trump, Johnson, Raegan, and Buchanan are worse. But I would put W as sixth worse.


u/Mintastic May 27 '23

I don't know, he actually got a shit ton of people killed and also paved the path for ISIS to be formed who killed even more people. Trump's international damage is nowhere near close.


u/internet_commie May 28 '23

Trump normalized white supremacy for a lot of Americans. Let go it was already widespread but now it is officially considered 'normal' among Republicans. It will take some time to undo that.


u/Vegetable_Permit_537 May 27 '23

I would pay money to have 4 more years of Bush instead of having Trump for 4 years.


u/ghengilhar May 26 '23

Bet John Gibson is a hard core trumpist now.


u/[deleted] May 27 '23



u/Wandering_Scout May 27 '23 edited May 27 '23

I was on active duty training up to go to Iraq when that came out. I can't believe anyone took those assholes seriously for more than ten minutes when...

  • Not one of them said a peep while Kerry was in Congress for decades
  • When Kerry was involved in Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Nixon's goons looked into his service record and couldn't find any dirt. Fucking sleazier than Nixon.
  • Most of them never served with Kerry. They were either in other units hundreds of miles away, or in Vietnam at a different time.
  • It came down to like three out of the dozen or so actually served with Kerry.
  • One: Basically said he had no firsthand knowledge but another Swifty (who was conveniently dead) said so. Super weird how there was no casualties or boat losses on the "disastrous mission" this guy talked about.
  • Two: His version of another "Lt. Kerry disaster" was contradicted by about five other people. Including the trapped Army Green Berets they were sent in to rescue. "If Kerry was incompetent and fled the battle early...how on Earth am I standing here?"
  • Three: Claimed Kerry's Bronze Star was horseshit because there was no hostile fire on the mission. When it was pointed out that he had ALSO received a Bronze Star for valor under fire during that same patrol, he was asked if he would forfeit his own "bullshit" Bronze Star. He refused.
  • Like someone else mentioned...they didn't even release a statement or give a token appearance to protest Kerry being made Obama's Sec. of State.