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u/Zealousideal_Fuel_23 May 26 '23

2004 election was held during the 4 months that the Iraq War appeared to be going well.


u/ericwphoto May 26 '23

At the time I thought it was insane that people would still support Bush after going into Iraq. It was pretty obvious to me, and should have been to anyone paying attention, that invading Iraq was nothing more than a pet project for Bush/Cheney. The reasoning for invading them was completely disingenuous. I thought it couldn't get much worse than Bush. I couldn't have been more wrong.


u/[deleted] May 26 '23

never forget the largest defense corporations (raytheon, lockheed, boeing, haliburton and the ones that bush and cheney were invested in) all increased their share prices by 1000% at some point during the wars.

they grifted the nation, murdered a million+, carted off TRILLIONS of middle class wealth, all while riding a wave of nationalism which eventually became maga.

thats what nationalism gets you.


u/MadRaymer May 26 '23

Don't forget that the right really played up the social issues in 2004 too. It might be hard to remember, but people were a lot less comfortable with gay marriage back then. Bush might have got a lot of votes that weren't necessarily a referendum on the war, but from fear over rapid change. Even when Obama first ran in 2008, he wasn't openly supporting gay marriage yet. Biden actually came out in support of that ahead of him (though not by very long).


u/60k_dining-room_bees May 26 '23

I felt like I was going crazy at the time. Why were heading to Iraq? WTF di that have to do with anything? But everyone else seemed to understand something I didn't, and at the time I was so hella busy that I could barely pay attention to the world around me outside my major.

Then I watched some report thing on how Bush/Cheney used a childish word association that planted in people's heads the idea that Iraq and Afghanistan were linked despite no real reason to think so, and I never underestimated American stupidity again. I don't think I realized before that people wanted to stick their head in the sand.


u/Schrutes_Yeet_Farm May 27 '23

2004 election was basically that episode of family guy where Lois wins the election by repeatedly saying "9/11" while the crowd cheers


u/ericwphoto May 26 '23

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc...... should be in prison right now. How many needless deaths, how much ptsd, how many maimed soldiers? For what? Oil? revenge for Bush senior? It certainly wasn't because they hated us for our freedom. Not to mention the fucking "Patriot" Act.


u/dduusstt May 27 '23 edited May 27 '23

having been there 03-04 I can say I didn't meet a single iraqi that was not happy we came in and removed saddam. The dude was unstable, physically harmful to his own people and would flip his decisions day to day on international policy.

He was just itching to go off again unless he was kept contained, and even then he just started locking the doors and not letting the UN in anymore, because he kept starting fights with his neighbors and escalating the warfare we were having to do checks. Whether it would be as bad as he had been capable before, probably not. But everyone was happy he was gone, foreign and domestic. Yeah "the lie" to go in was icing on the cake, the US wasn't the only one that was just a nudge away from stepping in. Iraq at the time had similarities to N korea without the Chinese protection.

What I was told the most was to stay out of their problems. Fix the roads we fucked up, get some schools and infrastructure running while we scoured the countryside, and even I feel we should have been on our way. Trying to make it a beacon of democracy was the bad play. Honestly, I feel if we had captured/killed BL much quicker in the war we wouldn't have had much leverage to stay, but probably would have found a reason.


u/ericwphoto May 27 '23

How did any of the hundreds of thousands that died feel about our presence? Was Saddam a piece of shit? Yes. Was that our job to take care of? Are there plenty of other piece of shit dictators out there? Yes. Why didn't we oust them as well?


u/justatmenexttime May 27 '23

I was 12, not incredibly bright, and it was still obvious even to me. People were intentionally blinding themselves.