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u/_userclone May 26 '23

Also in 2000, the one where the state Supreme Court of the state run by the Republican candidate’s brother decided the election was over.


u/Kara_lin_69 May 26 '23

I was not born before 2000


u/_userclone May 26 '23

Look it up, it was a fuckin doozy. I was 16 at the time and I was S T U N N E D.


u/No_Display_5087 May 27 '23

It was literally decided by one state, which was decided by a few hundred votes, which was in the middle of being recounted but ended suddenly by the supreme court. A vote which had thousands of votes thrown out. Where many were thrown out due to a private company deciding a large group of black voters should be removed from the voter rolls due to non existent crimes and in some cases, "crimes committed in the future".

Literally a stolen election. So instead of climate change we got a fake war. Fuck Bush.


u/_userclone May 27 '23

I think about what a Gore presidency might have led to a lot.