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u/gfh110 May 26 '23

It was the first time I was able to vote and I unfortunately fell for my dad's spiel of "You don't switch horses in the middle of the race." Race here meaning "war."


u/dudinax May 26 '23

What if the horse started the race, and the race was killing hundreds of thousands of people, and the horse lied about why it started the race?

Might want to switch horses.


u/[deleted] May 26 '23

shouldve had the horse tried for war crimes


u/xero_peace May 26 '23

Probably best just to make glue and pet food out of the horse if it's that useless.


u/Confident-Leg107 May 26 '23

Hold up, pet food?


u/internet_commie May 26 '23

In the US, people don't eat horse meat, so old horses are made into dog food. There's a code for it in the ingredient list so the humans don't realize. Dogs don't care.



That's like "Beef Pizzle"

That's bull penis. If you buy your dog a pizzle chew you're telling your dog to go eat a dick.


u/oxP3ZINATORxo May 27 '23

To be fair, my dog can go eat a dick


u/Ok-Champ-5854 May 27 '23

Really humans shouldn't care either, horse meat isn't a weird thing to eat in a lot of the world.


u/HiddenSage May 27 '23

Horses moved from being a utility/livestock animal to a pet in the minds of most Westerners after automobiles replaced them for transportation and farmwork (counting tractors as automotives here). They're only even "pets" for upper-class folks most of the time, but business doesn't want to offend their sensibilities or some shit.


u/NeverNoMarriage May 27 '23

Also a huge amount of young girls really like horses so that might be an issue.


u/Ok_Instruction8805 May 27 '23

Is it cuz they're round? Because they're 6 feet off the ground? Is it because they're on top? Or the clip clip clop?


u/Ok-Champ-5854 May 27 '23

The same can be said of rabbits, people definitely don't eat as much rabbit anymore. It's just not a meat you buy at the grocery store, you have to hunt it. So now lots of non-rural places, at least in the States, they're seen as pets or pests. They can also carry a disease communicable to humans so with the overabundance of factory farming animals they aren't really desired as meat, most game meat isn't even eaten all that much outside rural areas anymore anyway.


u/The_Golden_Warthog May 27 '23

Hell, most American people don't eat duck, let alone rabbit. If it's not beef, pork, chicken, or fish, most Americans consider it to be some "exotic" meat or have some taboo attached to it.


u/Wandering_Scout May 27 '23

Yeah, I remember my aunt telling me to never buy a horse from the Amish, as she worked for a veterinarian in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

They treat animals like cheap farm equipment and it has been utterly worked to near death.


u/bougienative May 27 '23

Horse meat became illegal for human consumption in the US because of the amount of people trying to slip old race horses in for slaughter as a way to recoup the loss of a racehorse being too old to continue racing and what not. which led to food full of steroids and all sorts of other shit that isn't allowed in animals raised for human consumption. They found it easier to just ban horse meat than they did to try and create oversight.


u/EmperorBamboozler May 27 '23

Horse is tasty. Kind of like Bison tho where if you cook it wrong eating a shoe would be less difficult. You gotta add fat and go with the adage of 'low and slow'. Good flavor though.


u/changeforgood30 May 27 '23

I'm an American, but I travel often. Went to Iceland and had grilled horse steaks. They needed more seasonings than beef steak as the meat is very lean. Tasted good nonetheless.

Last time in Japan I had horse sashimi, don't recommend that one, as the same lack-of-flavor issue applies. It was interesting to try anyways.


u/warm_sweater May 27 '23

When I went to Japan I couldn’t bring myself to try any of the raw land meat. I did have fugu which was very tasty.


u/EmperorBamboozler May 27 '23

Also the antibiotics they give horses have some really nasty interactions with the human body and when combined with a lot of meds give you an autoimmune disorder. This can be fixed by cooking the everloving shit out of the meat which humans find, to put it simply, unappetizing. Dogs don't give a flying fuck if you overcooked your meat into the driest toughest shit imaginable so it goes to them because if you blended meat into a fine paste then formed tiny balls and cooked them off again you can't sell that shit to humans.


u/internet_commie May 28 '23

True. In reality though, some of the same antibiotics are given to animals humans do eat! Not everybody follow the rules, and the rules aren't all that great to start with.


u/izyshoroo May 27 '23

Just out of curiosity, what's the code? I don't care, meat is meat, I'd rather it go somewhere than be wasted.


u/internet_commie May 28 '23

It isn't so much ONE code as various terms used for it. So long since I've read ingredient lists of dog food I can't remember any.


u/Caesar_Passing May 26 '23

I know, right? I can never find horse meat with the people food, but they're just gonna stick it in pet food like some common ground cartilage meal? Where the fuck is MY horsemeat?!


u/[deleted] May 27 '23




Philippines and France are two off the top of my head. It MAY be illegal in PH now, I'm not sure. But that didn't stop it from being served when I was there.


u/MeatSuitRiot May 27 '23

Filet of foal