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u/Zealousideal_Fuel_23 May 26 '23

2004 election was held during the 4 months that the Iraq War appeared to be going well.


u/ericwphoto May 26 '23

At the time I thought it was insane that people would still support Bush after going into Iraq. It was pretty obvious to me, and should have been to anyone paying attention, that invading Iraq was nothing more than a pet project for Bush/Cheney. The reasoning for invading them was completely disingenuous. I thought it couldn't get much worse than Bush. I couldn't have been more wrong.


u/[deleted] May 26 '23

never forget the largest defense corporations (raytheon, lockheed, boeing, haliburton and the ones that bush and cheney were invested in) all increased their share prices by 1000% at some point during the wars.

they grifted the nation, murdered a million+, carted off TRILLIONS of middle class wealth, all while riding a wave of nationalism which eventually became maga.

thats what nationalism gets you.