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u/Zealousideal_Fuel_23 May 26 '23

2004 election was held during the 4 months that the Iraq War appeared to be going well.


u/ericwphoto May 26 '23

At the time I thought it was insane that people would still support Bush after going into Iraq. It was pretty obvious to me, and should have been to anyone paying attention, that invading Iraq was nothing more than a pet project for Bush/Cheney. The reasoning for invading them was completely disingenuous. I thought it couldn't get much worse than Bush. I couldn't have been more wrong.


u/60k_dining-room_bees May 26 '23

I felt like I was going crazy at the time. Why were heading to Iraq? WTF di that have to do with anything? But everyone else seemed to understand something I didn't, and at the time I was so hella busy that I could barely pay attention to the world around me outside my major.

Then I watched some report thing on how Bush/Cheney used a childish word association that planted in people's heads the idea that Iraq and Afghanistan were linked despite no real reason to think so, and I never underestimated American stupidity again. I don't think I realized before that people wanted to stick their head in the sand.


u/ericwphoto May 26 '23

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc...... should be in prison right now. How many needless deaths, how much ptsd, how many maimed soldiers? For what? Oil? revenge for Bush senior? It certainly wasn't because they hated us for our freedom. Not to mention the fucking "Patriot" Act.