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u/WatchItAllBurn1 May 26 '23

There is also a chance that in bush' second election that there were some genuine problems

  • 54% of votes discarded in Florida were African americans

  • in the same election, Ohio made it harder and less accessible for African Americans and poor communities to vote too.

While these were ultimately rejected by the republican congress at the time. It does not change the fact that Bush only won the popular vote by 0.7%.


u/Glorthiar May 26 '23 edited May 26 '23

This is why we should stop letting states decide how their votes are counted and sent in, because they cheat for their own teams. The feds should go to every god damn state and count the votes without those states being allow to fuck with it, states themselves are commiting election fraud openly without consequence.


u/stycky-keys May 26 '23

Unfortunately the supreme court basically decided against thatrecently


u/Glorthiar May 26 '23

If they keep Making ruling like this people are going to take away their right to rule on anything, were crawling up to a new age, a d these openly corrupt cocky bastards are not going to be pleased watching their halls of lies and reason turned to ash


u/jfieuotnsnapw May 27 '23

They won’t care. The ones in power got theirs already


u/Niceromancer May 27 '23

Not if the halls literally turn to ash.

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