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Something something SiLeNt MaJoRiTy

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u/[deleted] May 26 '23

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u/HawkeyGawds May 27 '23

If society was a Dashiell Hammett short story


u/Glorthiar May 27 '23

We can all dream can't we? (Not familiar with his work so I hope it's chill)


u/Updog_IS_funny May 27 '23

While I entirely agree with you on wanting someone to act rather than talk, the US was formed with the current system being the compromise. If the popular vote was all that mattered, many states wouldn't have joined the union.

It's a feature, not a bug.


u/Glorthiar May 27 '23

Society can move past our past. We live In a far more interconnected society than we were when states were founded


u/TakenUrMom May 27 '23

Careful now, you’re starting to make sense


u/Updog_IS_funny May 27 '23

If you want your state your way, that's the part that needs undone. People threw a fit when Russia got involved in American politics despite the election having impacts on them. Similarly (though, admittedly, to a lesser degree), California might be impacted by the things Georgia does but maybe they shouldn't have a lot of say in states' matters.

The problem is in how much power the fed gov has. Lessen that and the electoral college has less impact.


u/mimasoid May 27 '23

the US was formed

by slaveholders

you're allowed to change the way they wanted things to be


u/pusgnihtekami May 27 '23

Women weren't allowed to vote for over 100 years, but yeah let's pay reverence to the ideas of the fOuNdInG FaThErS.


u/NorthImpossible8906 May 27 '23

It's a feature, not a bug.

one of the many huge HUGE HUGE mistakes by the founding fathers.


u/Crackerpuppy May 27 '23

Looking back we can see how this was probably the gravest mistake made by the founding fathers & only compounded later by agreements made to end the Civil War.