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Something something SiLeNt MaJoRiTy

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u/Zealousideal_Fuel_23 May 26 '23

2004 election was held during the 4 months that the Iraq War appeared to be going well.


u/gfh110 May 26 '23

It was the first time I was able to vote and I unfortunately fell for my dad's spiel of "You don't switch horses in the middle of the race." Race here meaning "war."


u/dudinax May 26 '23

What if the horse started the race, and the race was killing hundreds of thousands of people, and the horse lied about why it started the race?

Might want to switch horses.


u/funkeymonk May 26 '23

Could be worse. Somebody could set the horse loose in a hospital


u/EnlightenedSinTryst May 27 '23

There it is


u/hoitey_toity May 27 '23

I was looking for it—and hoping it wasn’t there so I could be the one to say it—but alas, there it is.


u/Tachibana_13 May 27 '23

This is exactly what I was thinking of for this whole conversation. John Mulaney horse/politician metaphors. Every post in the same voice.


u/wholelattapuddin May 27 '23

But it's a HORSE! I mean no one knows what it's going to do, this has never happened before!