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u/killing31 May 26 '23

The argument I always see for the electoral college is that without it, the candidates would only concentrate on California and New York. But currently, they only concentrate on a few swing states with fewer people. How is that logical?


u/ShakespearIsKing May 27 '23

Why campaign in states where more people live instead of swing states where less people live?



u/Relyst May 27 '23

California has more Republicans than Texas, Texas has more Democrats than New York, New York has more Republicans than the 11 least populated Republican states combined. Never mind that the reasoning Hamilton gave for creating the electoral college was that the average person was too stupid to make an informed choice. Supporting the electoral college is the equivalent of thinking you're a fucking moron.


u/awfulmcnofilter May 27 '23

With the internet all of that state specific campaigning is ridiculous anyway.