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u/WatchItAllBurn1 May 26 '23

There is also a chance that in bush' second election that there were some genuine problems

  • 54% of votes discarded in Florida were African americans

  • in the same election, Ohio made it harder and less accessible for African Americans and poor communities to vote too.

While these were ultimately rejected by the republican congress at the time. It does not change the fact that Bush only won the popular vote by 0.7%.


u/PaltryCharacter May 26 '23

Also in 2004 Bush artificially raised the terror alert level just before the election.



u/sbubgw May 26 '23

And it was a re-election during wartimes. Tough when it’s that stacked


u/PaltryCharacter May 27 '23

Yep. Which is even more infuriating because the entire war was based on a lie.


u/TheMadPyro May 27 '23

But in fairness, what a strategy.

Start a war for no good reason, convince people it was a good idea, and then get re-elected because you’re in the middle of said war.

Obviously it was bullshit but it’s not like they half-assed their way through those 8 years.


u/Diarygirl May 27 '23

Those terror alerts became a joke. "Oh, we're on orange alert? What's the Bush Administration trying to distract us from this time?"