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u/R3dCypher May 27 '23

Five things to fix the US:

  1. All elections by popular count. (no electoral college, no more gerrymandering )

  2. Supreme Court Justices are elected for 4 year terms.

  3. All elected officials have term limits. Max 10 years as an example.

  4. No more special interests or lobbying.

  5. Elected officials can no longer actively participate in trading stocks. You choose to represent the people not your wallet.


u/willbennettesq May 27 '23

That’s what we need, Supreme Court justices pandering to the masses like politicians.


u/R3dCypher May 27 '23

I would also add anyone that is a US citizen can vote with one exception those who have sentences of life in prison or death row.


u/SixOnTheBeach May 27 '23

Even if you have life in prison or are on death row why should you be denied a vote? You're still a citizen. It's not like people will vote to legalize crime if they get a say


u/R3dCypher May 27 '23

True. I didn't see it that way but what you say certainly makes sense. In the end it would be such few votes that it wouldn't really make much of a difference anyway. I think the overall point of that anyone can vote whether they committed a crime or not is far more important.


u/ahundreddots May 27 '23

I think a larger issue is that prisoners are more susceptible to coercion by the state.