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u/Glorthiar May 26 '23 edited May 26 '23

This is why we should stop letting states decide how their votes are counted and sent in, because they cheat for their own teams. The feds should go to every god damn state and count the votes without those states being allow to fuck with it, states themselves are commiting election fraud openly without consequence.


u/WatchItAllBurn1 May 26 '23 edited May 27 '23

But why would the republican party ever agree to that? They literally cannot win elections without doing shady shit to the extreme.


u/[deleted] May 26 '23

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u/HawkeyGawds May 27 '23

If society was a Dashiell Hammett short story


u/Glorthiar May 27 '23

We can all dream can't we? (Not familiar with his work so I hope it's chill)