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u/Glorthiar May 27 '23

Seems dodgy? It's openly and blatantly treasonous. Redrawing districts with the express purpose of removing political power from the people is betraying democracy, and the people who do it should have to pay for their crimes.

Treason is a monumental crime, because it is destroying the very foundation of our democracy and ruining the lives of hundreds of millions. A crime for which their can be no justice, only a vicious and ugly punishment to dissuade future traitors.


u/BlueBloodLive May 27 '23

Is it ever challenged or pushed back against? Democrats should be all over that, no? Or at the very least making voters aware of it.

Again I'm not top up on the workings of it all but I'm surprised it's not a huge issue that gets a lot of attention.


u/Xzmmc May 27 '23

Dems are more concerned with the appearance of doing something than actually doing something. They're better than the Republicans a huge amount on account of not being fascists, but let's not pretend the highers up in the party give a shit about the working class. Remember Pelosi forbidding us peasants from insider trading, but not herself or her compatriots?

There are undoubtedly plenty of good people in the Democratic party. The problem is, they're not the ones who are running it or controlling it's trajectory.


u/SpeakToMePF1973 May 27 '23

Dems are the far lesser of the Two Evils, though.



u/Xzmmc May 27 '23

Oh most definitely. It just really sucks that because of our toxic 2 party system, we have a fascist party, and the party of everybody who is not a fascist. Obviously the latter is the better choice, but since it has to cover such a broad swath of people, it's full of strife and disagreements. There are plenty of Democrats who are ideologically closer to the fascists than they are to the progressives in their own party.

Harm reduction is better than the alternative, but it's ultimately not enough to use a thimble to bail out water from a sinking ship that the other party is drilling more holes into.