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u/BlueBloodLive May 26 '23

Little bit off topic but as an outsider this whole continual redrawing of districts seems so dodgy. Making it so there are more white Republicans than black Democrats and using little sneaky tricks to get as many red districts as possible.

It seems they need to basically keep moving the goalposts just for them to have any chance at winning, yet they cry to the heavens about elections being rigged. Shameless shower of arseholes.


u/Glorthiar May 27 '23

Seems dodgy? It's openly and blatantly treasonous. Redrawing districts with the express purpose of removing political power from the people is betraying democracy, and the people who do it should have to pay for their crimes.

Treason is a monumental crime, because it is destroying the very foundation of our democracy and ruining the lives of hundreds of millions. A crime for which their can be no justice, only a vicious and ugly punishment to dissuade future traitors.


u/BlueBloodLive May 27 '23

Is it ever challenged or pushed back against? Democrats should be all over that, no? Or at the very least making voters aware of it.

Again I'm not top up on the workings of it all but I'm surprised it's not a huge issue that gets a lot of attention.


u/Ok-Champ-5854 May 27 '23

Yes many states will send it to a court which can say no and make them do it over again. It's one of the reasons Republicans have been packing courts for years.