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u/h0tfr1es May 27 '23

Redistricting by itself isn’t bad, gerrymandering is. In California, we don’t do gerrymandering, there’s a committee of four Democrats, four Republicans, and two independents that all have to work together to redistrict the maps.


u/VonThirstenberg May 27 '23

And that's precisely how those maps should be drawn everywhere, through bipartisan compromise and agreement.

Sensible policy if you ask me.


u/argv_minus_one May 27 '23

I disagree. Those maps should be drawn by an open-source algorithm using publicly-available data, not by human politicians.


u/RemedyofRevenge May 27 '23

I agree with the intention, but then who gets to write that code/create the algorithm? And of those written/created, who gets to decide which one is the "fairest?" What are the emergency valves when the algorithm does something unintentional? What if the code written is sabotaged, and can we depend on our usual tech illiterate electorate to know when something is wrong, and how to solve it?

Not to say its a bad idea in itself, but the buck has to stop somewhere in having someone make a decision, a human decision on how these districts are drawn. A human using a digital code to draw it is still a product of human decision making.


u/Desiderius-Erasmus May 27 '23

It could be an anonymous foreign academic scholar committee. With a published paper explaining the reason of the algorithm.


u/BMGreg May 27 '23

You think the American population will have no problems with trusting some anonymous, foreign scholar? There won't be any issues with trust there?


u/Dumpstar72 May 29 '23

In Australia we have the electoral commission do this. It’s pretty transparent how it works.