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u/Lady_von_Stinkbeaver May 26 '23


The Swiftboaters were such a crock of shit that Republicans were even using it to mean slandering your opponent just a few years later.


u/Nimonic May 26 '23

The swiftboat thing was utterly absurd, looking on from Europe. A guy who lead men in the Vietnam War, getting three (!) Purple Hearts for it, was portrayed as a weak coward, while his draft-dodging opponent was portrayed as a hero.

And he didn't draft dodge for noble and moral reasons, like being against the war or refusing to kill.


u/MyAltimateIsCharging May 27 '23

Honestly I wouldn't have issue with Trump or any American draft dodging Vietnam if they then didn't go on to be a chicken hawk and try to build a tough guy warrior brand. If you're going to be an authoritarian who advocates for war, at least walk the walk first.


u/NapoleonBlownapart9 May 27 '23

Remember, he told Howard Stern that his “personal Vietnam was having so much sex and trying to dodge STDs”. What a fat sack of anal mucus.