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u/VolatileUtopian May 26 '23

I remember around Obama's first term looking up the different political parties in the US and I noticed that the Democrats had way more registered members than the Republicans and that's when I learned about gerrymandering.


u/Professional-Box4153 May 27 '23

They also outright lie. When I registered to vote at 18, I was asked my political party. I selected "independent" because at the time I thought it meant non-affiliated. I later got a mailer in the mail thanking me for joining the Independent Republican Party (whatever the hell that means). I left it alone because I really didn't care that much at that age. When I actually went to vote, I was told by an official that I was not allowed to vote across party lines. I could ONLY vote for the Republican candidate since I was registered as Republican. I chose not to vote instead.


u/stockflethoverTDS May 27 '23

Yo thats how they make you vote in third world dictatorship economies