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u/VolatileUtopian May 26 '23

I remember around Obama's first term looking up the different political parties in the US and I noticed that the Democrats had way more registered members than the Republicans and that's when I learned about gerrymandering.


u/Professional-Box4153 May 27 '23

They also outright lie. When I registered to vote at 18, I was asked my political party. I selected "independent" because at the time I thought it meant non-affiliated. I later got a mailer in the mail thanking me for joining the Independent Republican Party (whatever the hell that means). I left it alone because I really didn't care that much at that age. When I actually went to vote, I was told by an official that I was not allowed to vote across party lines. I could ONLY vote for the Republican candidate since I was registered as Republican. I chose not to vote instead.


u/quetzalcoatlsghost May 27 '23

You can only vote in the republican PRIMARY.

It's not true that you can't vote democrat in an actual election if you register Republican. All the candidates are on the same ballot, no one could stop you.


u/Professional-Box4153 May 27 '23

I was young and honestly didn't even know that there were other races.


u/quetzalcoatlsghost May 27 '23

Oh yea sorry, didn't mean any offense. Just wanted to clarify for people that might not know WHY you said republicans are liars. Some people who responded to you didn't seem to know that.


u/Professional-Box4153 May 27 '23

Nah. No worries. No offense taken at all.


u/thisisa_fake_account May 27 '23

Well there are quite a few races - the 100 meter, 200 meter, 4*100 relay, half marathons and so on. Hope that helps.