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Something something SiLeNt MaJoRiTy

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u/qwertycantread May 26 '23

This statistic really highlights why the current Supreme Court has no validity.


u/Mattress_Of_Needles May 26 '23

This is one of the worst side effects of their fuckery. Don't learn how to play the game, learn how to game the system.


u/kingjoey52a May 27 '23

What? Republicans play to the rules of the game, Democrats complain when they lose because of the rules. If you're playing capture the flag in Halo on Blood Gulch and your team gets 100 kills but don't ever capture the flag you can't complain when the other team wins with one flag captured.


u/Mattress_Of_Needles May 27 '23

Hush, you one-dimensional being.