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Why do people sit on money until they die, instead of helping their children while alive?


This is something I struggle to understand. For example, my friend’s parents are in their 80s, they have quite a bit of money in their retirement accounts/savings accounts, but live on very little. They haven’t really touched any of their savings. They don’t offer to help with anything that he or his siblings need. They have to wait until their parents die to inherit it. I would rather be alive and watch my kids enjoy the money. This seems to be the norm, and I don’t get it. Why hold on to a million dollars if you could make your kids life easier now AND actually watch them enjoy it!

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What massively improved your mental health?


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How can I reduce my sex drive?


I 27M have a high sex drive towards my gf 24F we’ve dated 6 years and I’m sure I’ve probably asked for it every night almost, we do it 2-3 times a week, and most of the time I just want more, it’s starting to turn her off and idk how to fix it.

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Why do people hookup or have casual sex / relationships?


It feels so weird to me that people are willing to be intimate with someone they just met without knowing much about them or knowing if they’re trustworthy. Just because they’re attractive?

For me sex is something you do with someone you’re in a serious relationship with, somebody who you love, who’s company you enjoy, and whom you see a future with. It’s the highest form of connecting with someone.

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Do attractive guys really get sex/hookups easily?



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What's something other people do that you find really cringy?


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Are there any Countries truly doing well right now?


Right now it seems like the whole world sucks. Here in Canada cost of living is out of control, housing is simply not possible for the majority of young people trying to attain one, etc

Issues like cost of living, quality of life, work culture, authoritarianism in varying degrees, mass immigration (which helps some problems but causes others), ... Really everything that goes into this

Are there any Countries that are doing well/which are the best?

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If you were filthy rich how much access would your kids have to your wealth?


Would they have free reign? Or are you pulling a Shaquille O’Neil and making your kids make their own money?

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What’s the safest country a girl can travel alone to?


I(24F) need a break really bad and want to gain the confidence to travel different countries on my own. Im done waiting to get married and travel with my partner lol. If anyone has any advice pls hmu

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What physical mannerisms do you find attractive?


(For men or women)

I want specific physical mannerisms, like clasping your hands behind your head and leaning back or raising your eyebrows etc.

Personally, this guy I used to like would often do that thing when someone playfully accuses you of smth and he would raise both his hands up as if to say he’s innocent. Idk why that was cute. Also like when guys are smiley/charming but then suddenly turn serious when it’s smth they’re passionate about.

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What would people think if one named their son, Vision?


Is the name “Vision” cool or too weird?

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What are some of the biggest red flags in a woman?


What makes say nope she not the one

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Who's on your fantasy dinner party list?


Imagine a floating timeline where you have a dining table with 6 places set - 1 for you, and 5 chairs for any guest you can imagine. Dead or alive.

Mine are: Ghengis khan Amy Winehouse Harriet Tubman Marshall Mathers (Eminem) Tupac

Who are you inviting? And optional extra question: what are you serving?

Importan note: the actions during the diner party will never affect reality. I.e. you can't go and poison h*tler or anything. I'm curious to see what y'all say!

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What phrase triggers anxiety for you?


For me it's "We need to talk." When you say that I am sure something really bad is going to happen.

Getting broke up with, lose my job, or I just done screwed up. I have never heard those words then told something like I got a raise or let's get married.

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What is the most overrated movie/series?


For me it's anything Marvel does these days. Was fun while I was a kid but now it's just way too repetitive and seems like all they do is trying to make as much money as they can from these stories. Of course it's subjective, so please don't hate on me if you're into Marvel, I totally understand :)

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What time do you go to bed?


Hi everyone, if you needed to be up at 7am for work, what time would you want to sleep the night before?

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How to live with a toxic parent?


My mom is very abusive, she's causing me serious mental problems. Even after my therapist told her how badly she's destroying my mental health she didn't care at all, she even got worse than before. I can't leave, I don't have anywhere to go to. The only thing I might be able to do is living far away for my university, and that would be in 2025. Things got too unbearable lately.

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What are some habits that can massively improve your life in 30 days or less?


I am talking about a daily routine and something that can make you a totally different person in a month or so. Any suggestions?

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Why do I have to see a psych every month to get my meds?


It’s not like I’m going to magically stop having disorders. I’m sure people with physical illnesses have it even worse. The fact that I need to pay for insurance so that the unnecessary psych visit is somewhat less expensive is ridiculous.

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Adults whose parents thought it was funny to scare you as a kid, how you doing?


Adults whose parents thought it was funny to scare you all the time as a kid, how you doing?

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What’s the most unbelievable coincidence you’ve ever experienced?


Something that you didn't believe until you had unquestionable evidence

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Are there people in here who has sleep issues at night but no issues in the day light ?


l have sleep issues at night but fine in the broad day light

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Cold pizza lovers, why is it better than hot pizza?


Do I need to say more

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What horror movie is a 10/10?


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