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Weekly Friends Thread Making Friends Monday! Share your game tags here!


Use this post to look for new friends to game with! Share your gamer tag & platform, and meet new people!

This thread is posted weekly on Mondays (adjustments made as needed).

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First image from Fallout TV series

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A few of my portable consoles i use while traveling for work

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Bethesda has started trying to convince unhappy Steam reviewers that Starfield doesn't suck


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My daughter just killed her first Sim


I'm so proud of her🥹

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Which games are the worst offenders for letting you upgrade a character/inventory only to lose it all part way through the game.


I am playing Horizon Zero Dawn and haven’t gotten to the first main event, but it gives me this feeling like if I upgrade all my equipment now it might be for nothing. I know that is not the case, I looked it up, but what are some games that are the worst offenders? One I can think of is Aerith in the original FF7.

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10 year old offline game and we have to deal with this bs

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When the new Pokemon game is inevitably terrible

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EA working on player-voiced characters in games, patent shows


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What game made you genuinely feel bad about killing?


Bit of an explanation as to what prompted me to make this post: I recently played through Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 1 and 2 and I just felt off. I've slaughtered hundreds of innocents for my amusement in games like Fallout and TES, I play through No Russian with a grin, but for some reason, I refrain from killing bad guys in SGW? The first one has you hunt down Russian oligarchs and war criminals, while the second one is about Middle Eastern terrorists and this is the game where I feel bad about killing? There's just something about the soldiers talking about their daily problems like making no money, uncomfortable boots and sweating too much, or showing eachother pictures of their dogs, not to mention the absolute horror when you've got a knife against their throat or when they find a body. I hope this isn't weird, but I've never experienced remorse for killing a video game enemy, and I've played a lot of different games. I'd like to hear about your experiences, and which games do a good job humanising common enemies, the concept intrigues me.

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Is this normal for the Cyberpunk hud? On PC

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Im playing on a 49 inch ultra wide Odyssey G9. Ive been messing around with video and graphics settings and it wont go away.

Its not that big of a deal but is kind of an eye sore. It does this for HUD menu stuff on both the left and right ends of the screen. The game environment doesnt have this blur/tracer thing.

Running on a Ryzen 7800X3D with a 7800XT. 32GB DDR5.

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A local pharmacy is still selling a brand new copy of the original Assassin's Creed for PS3

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Mildly interesting I guess... it's only been 15+ years...

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What's that one game you just can't stop playing no matter how hard you try because it's the perfect game?


I always somehow find my way back to playing No Man's Sky. No matter what I do, game I play, activity inside or outside of gaming, NMS is always there to play and chill. Sometimes I go on creative and spend a week amassing the perfect color coordinated team of ships, crew, frigates, and freighter.

That and every content update we get for free!

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Just a Friendly Reminder to go play something you have FUN playing


You know who you are.

Get off League or whatever super competitive MOBA, FPS, fighting game and go play something you actually have fun playing.

Go play that RPG you've been putting off grinding rank just to get hard stuck because you're playing frustrated and playing worse every match.

Go play that shameless weeb anime game you know you have a ball playing despite how dumb it is.

Go play that comfy game that sparks joy.

Get the crew together for some party games.

Go have fun.

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Embracer Group to shut down TimeSplitters studio Free Radical before Christmas



They made of my my favorite franchises. Why buy all these studios up just to close them down?

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Based Wake

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Blizzard Leaked Survey Seeks Fan Opinions on Acceptability of $100 Diablo 4 Add-On


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Never, in all my years of gaming, could I have predicted a collab like this. Little Caesar’s pizza and CoD.

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I made an Ocean Song Nidalee Cosplay

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The nemesis system in Middle-Earth Shadow of War is the best gaming innovation in the past 20 years and it's insane that WB is doing nothing with it


I genuinely want to make one of those 3 hour long video essays about this. Before anyone says anything, yes I very obviously started playing Shadow of War again recently and thought of this. For those unaware, the nemesis system was this incredible system made for Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor and heavily improved in Shadow of War that allowed NPCs to remember interactions with the player and make decisions that gave some incredible moments. NPCs could be killed by you and then return with new physical features like an axe in the head or a mechanical arm and tell you how made they are at you for killing them. There was an enemy once that took my sword from me and broke it so I had to equip a new one. You can have NPC's whose names change based on things they do, becoming Ur-Bek the Pit Fighter if they did well in the fighting pits in the game or "The Unashamed" if you shamed them to lower their level but they took it with pride instead. I'm heavily oversimplifying it but it created an incredibly rich world that felt entirely based around you and what you do. I had a guy that I kept killing over and over again and he kept coming back, only for a pivotal moment in the game to occur and he shows up AGAIN to fight me. I've had friendly NPCs come out of nowhere to save me from death at the hands of others. A friendly NPC will betray you if you kill his blood-brother. You can accidentally drive enemies insane and they start chittering nonsense or just screaming. Regular enemies can become captains with their own names and titles if they kill you. Just today, I had my favorite captain infiltrate the warchief to betray him when I attacked the fort and, when I attacked, the warchief had him tied up. He said he found out he was a spy and slit his throat before throwing him off the edge of a tower. I loved that orc. His name was Bork. Needless to say I killed the warchief when I got to him as revenge for Bork. But this is what I'm talking about. It's all unscripted and absolutely amazing. It makes the world feel so rich. You really just have to play the game to experience it. There really is nothing like it out there.

So WB has this amazing system which they patented and was met with massive love and appreciation. And what have they done with it since Shadow of War? Absolutely nothing. We have not seen this incredible system in 6 years. And they're not letting anyone else use it either. Why? Can you imagine how cool this would be in other IPs they own? Can you imagine a Mad Max game similar to the one they already came out with but with this system in it? Cool weirdos in the post apocalypse that remember you and have these unique designs and stories that are naturally formed around the way you play? I heard rumors they were using it for whatever Wonder Woman game they're making so hey, if that means we get to see it again, then kudos. But they have to do something with it. Let other companies use it if you won't. WB as a whole has become a horrible company for both games and movies, with their emphasis on live-service games becoming prevalent. But could you imagine a system like this in a Batman game or if they used it in Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League? I guarantee it would be way more interesting than what they're doing now. I'll end my rant here but I just think it's a tragedy that something so unique and incredible that could only be improved upon has been collecting dust for 6 years now.

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Graphics could never get more realistic than this

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Bethesda has launched a Starfield duvet set, so now at least somebody in your bed can see stars | Windows Central


You have to admire Bethesda's commitment to put you to sleep.

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What are the rarest games you own?


My answers are kinda lame: Billy Hatcher on GameCube and Chibi-Robo Park Patrol on DS. But what are your answers?

Edit: oh I forgot, I also own Mario 3D All Stars on Switch.

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Is this that new Mario game everyone's talking about?

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Seeing that button always gets me sweaty


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Baldur’s Gate 3 has slowdown issues because it keeps thinking about players theft and violence