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Attorney demands firing of Mississippi police officer after 11-year-old boy is shot



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u/pokecrater1 15d ago edited 14d ago

The worst part is the kid called the cops to help his family. He then complied with the officer's orders to come out, then the officer shot him.

The mother even told the officer that the intruder has left already.

Edit: In domestic violence cases, victims may have to resist giving information or disguise their calls for help else they may face more lashback from their abuser in the nearby future. Thanks to everyone for bringing that to notice. I brought up the 2nd point about the mother telling the officer to bring some context. The mother also mentioned there were 3 children in the house still. It's a "Trust but verify" situation where the cop should be cautious of shooting the children.

It is still a duty for any gunman to identify their target before shooting. Especially if you're the one calling to the victim to come out. In the case the mother was wrong/fibbed for her safety, apprehend the intruder. If not, then you hold your fire.


u/A_P_A_R_T 15d ago

I hear too many times of cases where the person calling the cops gets themselves or someone they love wrongfully killed by the police. Might as well not call the cops.


u/Dry_Boots 15d ago edited 14d ago

A friend calls it 'the nuclear option'. Never call the cops unless you are prepared for someone to die. In our town an off duty cop called the cops because a guy was trying to break into his house, and the cops showed up and killed the cop!

For those who wanted more details: https://www.kgw.com/article/news/local/off-duty-vancouver-police-officer-killed/283-227c1d0b-70f8-4f5e-9ac7-6c17de1997bd


u/Zomburai 15d ago

.... what the fuck.


u/jarednards 15d ago

Oh boy here I go killing again!


u/zachyvengence28 14d ago

I'm krombopulos micheal. I just like killing


u/bigvibrations 14d ago

Children, old people, you name it

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u/vertigo1083 15d ago

Right? I mean what the fuck even.

I was stopped at 11:30 at night 2 weeks ago, just walking through a parking lot on my way to pick up my laundry. I'm a white guy in a town predominantly black and hispanic. Cop pulls in front of me with his lights and hops out. Asks me what I'm doing and where I'm going, runs my ID. The entire time I have my hands in full display. Fucking shaking.

The asshole had the audacity to ask me why I was so nervous. So I told him (politely) that he just ran down on me in a parking lot for no reason, and "you guys absolutely terrify me". He seemed confused. I told him that I see things on the internet all day that make me terrified of cops. His response?

"Those are the bad ones".

Oh? THOSE are the bad ones? Not the asshole that just ran down on me because I'm white, walking in a brown neighborhood?

Fuck them all at this point.


u/ting_bu_dong 15d ago Platinum

“You have the power to murder me and get away with it.”


u/Aggravating_Salt_49 14d ago

You have a loaded weapon and I do not.

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u/LividLager 14d ago

Don't give them any bright ideas.


u/H0agh 14d ago

Don't worry, that notion sunk in a long, long time ago already.


u/derps_with_ducks 14d ago

Yeah but it might have slipped his mind for, like, 10 minutes.

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u/MakesCakesEatsMud 15d ago

Even though most snakes are not venomous, I cannot tell the good ones apart from the bad ones so it's safest never to pick them up.


u/Nothxm8 14d ago

Just remember, red touching yellow = fuck the police

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u/ragglefragglesnaggle 15d ago

That my friend is called stop and frisk and I'm not sure if it's legal where you are you should probably check.


u/vertigo1083 15d ago

It absolutely isn't, but damned if I'm going to file a complaint, doxxing myself to a police force that is notoriously rough with people in my community.

It just isn't worth the risk.

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u/ParanoidMaron 15d ago

I want to preface this story with, I am 4'6, white as a vampire, and I need a walker(mobility aid) to get around anywhere without a wheelchair. one more fact: police disproportionately hurt, and kill, disabled people of all races but most especially black and hispanic people.

About 5 months ago, I was getting groceries with my wife. Not sure where he came from, but very suddenly, I was speaking to a uniformed officer. I say suddenly because, I don't hear all that well, and he pulled me backwards to "talk". Asked me if I was holding on to something, and I, suddenly fuckin terrified this large man speaking to me like I was a child about to be punished. I was barely able to not fall over, so all I could muster was "what? don't hurt me". That confused him, apparently cuz he asked me "why would I do that?".

The interaction ended when I showed him the receipt and my bag, but I was terrified the entire time. Thank fuck i'm white, else he might have thought I was lying, cuz cops also are fuckin racist 'round here.


u/hanks_panky_emporium 14d ago

I'm autistic, a shock of high stress makes me totally non verbal. Police loooove beating nonverbal folks before arresting them. Too many dashcam and body cam footage of cops beating, killing, shooting, and abusing the disabled of all kinds because they know they're going to get away with it.

There was that cop a few years ago that rolled up on an autistic kid and did a driveby shooting on him. Fucking insane.

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u/Suck_Me_Dry666 15d ago edited 15d ago

In the future

"Am I being detained?" If yes, ask for what crime

"I do not speak to police officers" if they try to ask you questions like what are you up to.

I get that it's scary cops freak me the fuck out too, but the upshot is, if they illegally detain you, you have a lawsuit, you have the news exposing a corrupt officer and in an ideal world you have accountability.

Edit: Also if you're in a position where you need to speak to a cop never do it without a lawyer, cops are allowed to lie to you to make you confess to things, they'll pretend to empathize and offer you help when none is coming. You want to clear your conscience, talk to a therapist or a priest, never a cop.

Edit 2: This reply is getting way more attention than I intended but yes multiple commenters I do understand that this isn't good advice if you're dead. I did mention ideally there would be accountability and I do understand people's lived experience doesn't necessarily match up with the advice I'm giving. What do you want me to suggest? Never leave your home?


u/ConfessingToSins 15d ago edited 14d ago

There was a scandal in my home town a few years ago where cops were being told stuff like this and their response was to basically take you into a well known alley, beat the fuck out of you with their nightsticks, and then leave. It was an open secret that it had happened to dozens of people. When the community newspaper did a story on it the lead reporter was found beaten half to death in the alley the next day and the state AG refused to comment.

Nothing ever changed because it was literally just extrajudicial assaults with no proof. No attorneys would touch it because if you lived local they had made it clear you'd be next, and if you didn't, there was no proof anyways and the state was hostile to anyone talking about it.

I largely agree with you that this is what you should do, but keep in mind that cops don't actually care what the law says and are often backed by their state. You can't do much if your local government gaslights you and says everyone is lying and that if you keep asking it'll end badly for you.

Edit: Reddit is now auto filtering and hiding all replies to this comment. I get them in my inbox but they are hidden from view. Hmmm. I wonder why.


u/Alegan239 15d ago

Damn...where was this?

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u/CyberMindGrrl 15d ago

That’s… terrorism.

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u/dcux 15d ago

Add to this, know whether your state is a "stop and ID" state. If the police don't have a "reasonable, articulable suspicion" that you have committed a crime, they may not have a right to stop you, much less demand ID.

There are 23 stop and ID states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Wisconsin.



u/everlyafterhappy 14d ago

I want to add to this for clarification. Stop and ID does not mean cops can stop anyone and force them to identify themselves. If there is no reasonable suspicious of a crime, then you are not required to identify yourself to the police in any state. In the states with stop and ID, suspects of crimes are required to identify themselves upon request by the police.

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u/MortyestRick 15d ago

Better than "I don't talk to cops" is "I'm not discussing my day." Less antagonistic towards the potential lunatic with a license to kill you


u/PaintedGeneral 15d ago

I also like, “I am happy to speak with you when I have my attorney present”, then you shut the fuck up.

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u/teutorix_aleria 15d ago

Similarly I saw a story about a woman who left her door ajar on a hot night. A neighbour called the police for a welfare check. They shot the woman through her screen door, the woman they were supposed to be welfare checking.


u/TheoreticalSquirming 15d ago edited 15d ago

Atatiana Jefferson. So fucked up. Fort Worth cop Aaron Dean was snooping in her back yard with his flashlight when he saw her in the window, yelled to put her hands up right as he was shooting her in the head. He was indicted for murder and convicted of manslaughter. 11 years, 10 months, 12 days

Also Botham Jean. Dallas cop Amber Guyger goes into her upstairs neighbor's apartment and straight up shoots him, kills him. Convicted of murder, 10 years in prison.

Edit to add quick explanation for Atatiana's murder


u/Zoltie 15d ago

Thanks for sharing. Makes me happy hearing stories of officers facing actual consequences.


u/DarkSpartan301 14d ago

It just seems like public trust being broken should warrant steeper penalty, especially in murder charges.


u/-Johnny- 14d ago

For sure. Police have such a bad reputation now and they're only digging a bigger hole. This will result in worse cops, worse training and overall worse public relations. It's such a bad cycle.

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u/NbleSavage 15d ago

"Never call the cops" is the best option, sadly. Adding marginally trained insecure & commonly under-educated men with guns into any situation can only go badly.


u/Chastain86 15d ago Take My Energy

Or, as an attorney in my family loves to say -- "If you have a problem, and you call the police, you now have two problems."

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u/mrngdew77 15d ago

They are also itching to fire that gun. Pronto.


u/WizardsVengeance 15d ago

They are nothing but a legally sanctioned gang. They have manpower, but you really can't control where that power is directed. Better not to have the Eye of Sauron upon you.


u/Specken_zee_Doitch 15d ago


u/DarmokNJelad-Tanagra 14d ago

The gender of a cop is "cop". The race of a cop is "cop".

It's a more useful way of thinking about it.


u/David-S-Pumpkins 14d ago

They fucked up the US flag with a blue line to say "blue lives matter". They self report that blue is cop, cop is blue, nothing else.

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u/MalcolmLinair 15d ago

Calling the cops is like summoning a bloodthirsty demon; someone will die, it's the price of the summoning. You better be sure you have a sacrifice on hand, or else the demon will take one themselves.

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u/RonPolyp 14d ago
  1. You have a problem.
  2. You call the police.
  3. You now have two problems.


u/skinninja 15d ago

You'd think...maybe.. they would recognize a co-worker or maybe an excuse to handle some work related anger?

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u/weirdassmillet 15d ago

I had an ongoing issue with noise from upstairs neighbors after 2 am for weeks straight. I was talking to the apartment office about it and the manager told me if I had a late night noise complaint, I could always call the police. I told her I'd just like them to be a bit quieter, not dead.


u/sml09 14d ago

I’ve had this same situation for over a year with our upstairs neighbors. They’re not white either and I don’t want them dead. I just want them to stop partying at 2am on Sunday night.

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u/khromedhome 14d ago

This is what happens when the police are called for a noise complaint.


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u/Alex-Murphy 15d ago

A friend of mine told me "if you have a problem and you call the cops, now you have two problems" and I never forgot it.


u/macphile 15d ago

There's a website encouraging people to not call the cops: https://dontcallthepolice.com/

So many times, a cop is not needed for the situation, just someone to help.

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u/l4derman 15d ago

This. And no official body will hold cops accountable. Only the people can at this point.

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u/vicsj 15d ago

The incompetence of American police is fucking terrifying


u/JayR_97 15d ago

Is it any wonder when you can pass Police Academy with just like 6 months of training that a complete moron could do? Meanwhile in Europe to become a police officer you need a degree and years of training to become a full police officer.

Major reform needs to be done in how they select and train new officers.


u/KayItaly 14d ago

In Italy last week an officer kicked a detained guy in the face during arrest. He was placed on unpaid leave and will not be allowed to interact with the public again even IF the trial clears him (unlikely as he is on video).

You are 100% right about the training, but police accountability is also a huge part of keeping things straight. Because assholes can be clever too.

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u/LostTrisolarin 15d ago edited 15d ago

I was a bartender in a rough area for years. There were times we talked down/de escalated situations where people had deadly weapons rather than call the police, where we know the outcome would absolutely be violence, possibly even against us, and a charge against us as well.

Edit: to explain. There were times when an assault and or battery occurred near us or on our sidewalk, or even a basic bar fisticuffs and if the police were called they’d make sure to humiliate the staff and fine the establishment.


u/Alternate_Ending1984 15d ago

I was a bartender in a rough area for years.

That sounds like incredibly adequate training in de-escalation.

Bartenders are also known as "Shrinks with drinks."

Edit: Replied to the wrong comment, point still stands, leaving it.


u/LostTrisolarin 15d ago

You’re not wrong at all. I didn’t start out that way though .I recently ended up working at a place with a police/security presence and I’ve been told by multiple officers after seeing me handle the irate, that they think I’d be a good officer.

I took martial arts for years and about 5 years into my bar job I had developed my own “theories” and strategies about it all.

I’d highly recommend this book btw. I’ve used a lot of these techniques, before and after reading the book, so I can attest it’s truth. At least from my personal experiences.


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u/Janellewpg 15d ago

And you did that with no official formal training, something police are supposed to be able to do.


u/Grokent 14d ago

Waffle House short order cooks have more expertise with de-escalation than cops do.

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u/LostTrisolarin 15d ago

The main place I worked for a decade you had to be a prison guard, a mixologist, and a psychiatrist all in one.

Good money but no medical benefits in a job that wears down your body and soul.

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u/coffeecakewaffles 14d ago

I lived by some nightclubs a few years ago and had to call the cops when some intoxicated patron showed up to my condo thinking it was his. I spoke to him through the door telling him it was the wrong place, then he heard my GF and thought it was his GF and everything went nuclear. I had to call 911.

When they showed up, he was passed out on the porch and they came into my place looking around and interrogating me like I was a criminal. At one point I had to state I'm the victim who called the police, I own this place.

The next day I bought a pistol and I've never called the cops again.

I should probably note I'm an upper class white male living in a very upscale white neighborhood. I cannot imagine how that would've played out if I were black.


u/Escheron 15d ago

A man called the police for a welfare check when he noticed that how neighbors front door was open late at night. The police then murdered Atatiana Jefferson through her rear window when she went to see what the movement in her back yard was


u/sdpr 14d ago

Might as well not call the cops.

I mean, isn't this how black communities in metro areas have handled their shit for... Well, forever?

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u/cgtdream 14d ago

Like the mother who called the police on her son, as he was threatening to kill himself...when the cop showed up, and without any hesitation, they just opened fire on the guy, with his mom only feet away. Both survived and are obviously suing the police department/city.


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u/CensoredUser 14d ago

I was a victim of a home invasion, hid in a closet. Called the cops. They came, robbers left, dispatch told me to stay on the phone with them and not to come out until told to by dispatch as the cops clear the house.

Cops proceeded to clear the house, found me in the closet, hit me in the face with the butt of a shotgun, beat the crap out of me at gun point and cuffed me while the operator stayed silent.

I was then put in the back of a squad car and interrogated. After 45 min of me telling them I live there, my neighbors telling them I live there, my gf coming over and telling them I live there, they realize they fucked up so they changed their story to say that they believe I planned and hired people to break in for insurance money...

I've never met a good cop. Every friend I had that became a cop also became an incredible violent asshole.

There are no good police interactions. 1312


u/msprang 14d ago

Jesus Christ, dude, that's awful.

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u/TheSilverNoble 15d ago

Yeah I'm not really sure what I would call the cops for these days.

I mean if even they don't shoot me or my pet, what if they decide they "smell something" and tear apart my house looking for drugs?


u/JonasPolskyAMA 14d ago

Might as well not call the cops.

that's kinda the vibe

my apartment was broken into (I shouted from my room and the person split). I called the police thinking their would be fingerprints on the window that he opened or the doorknobs.

they looked around and said "give us a call if they break in again" and left. cops are glorified bouncers

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u/[deleted] 14d ago

When you factor in the risk of ending up in jail for something you didn't do on top of all that there's just no question, don't ever call them for mental health shit unless you wanna make things worse

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u/WonderfulCattle6234 15d ago

And then police released the guy they called the cops on because the mother wasn't able to file a report because she was with her son in the hospital.


u/moby323 15d ago

Jesus fucking Christ

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u/MustacheEmperor 14d ago

And nobody from the station visited or even called the hospital before setting him loose.

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u/MemeFarmer314 15d ago

I know the bar should be much lower, but to me that’s the thing that people should really stick to. This kid was told by officers “come out, it’s safe” and then was shot by them. I don’t know if it was the same officer who said it and shot him, but if so that’s even worse.


u/DoctorJJWho 15d ago

It happened at Uvalde, too. Police asked for verbal updates from students, which the shooter used to triangulate said student and shoot them. There is at least one instance of a police officer telling a child to call to them for help, then the child is shot by the mass shooter.

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u/Japemead 15d ago

Moore said Nakala Murry told him that Sgt. Greg Capers, who is Black, yelled into the home and said anyone inside should come out with their hands up. Moore said Aderrien walked into the living room with nothing in his hands, and Capers shot him in the chest.

Sounds like it was the same officer.


u/TPJchief87 15d ago

They’re wrong. Capers is blue, not black.


u/Boneal171 14d ago

Exactly. Cops are cops regardless of their skin color.


u/_dead_and_broken 14d ago

As evidenced by the all the cops that beat the shit out of Tyre Nichols and killed him in Memphis back in January.

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u/Boneal171 14d ago

I can’t even imagine what was going through that poor kid’s mind or his mom’s mind either. They probably initially felt relieved that the cops were there, but then he gets shot right in front of his already terrified mom. A horrible situation all around.


u/MemeFarmer314 14d ago

And if the abuser comes back into their lives to wreak more havoc, now they won’t even feel comfortable calling the cops

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u/citizenkane86 15d ago

I mean we’ve already established that lying on the ground with your hands up is still grounds for the police to shoot you and suffer no consequences


u/Javasteam 14d ago

They were a trip hazard so the officer feared for his life.

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u/moon465 15d ago

But did they test if the kid had any drugs in his system or ever had issues in school? There are both sides to every story! I saw the photo of the "boy" and had no idea he was 11. Children don't come in that color, and I am sure he was acting rude after being shot!


u/jbaway 15d ago

He had no active warrants.


u/nobodyknoes 15d ago

He matched the description

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u/donttakerhisthewrong 14d ago

You joke but unless you are a cop you cannot comprehend how scary an 11 year old child is. The police officers all made it home safe and that is the main point.

I am sure in some cop forum this is being posted

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u/teutorix_aleria 15d ago

He was guilty of carrying an illegal amount of melanin apparently.

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u/ColaEuphoria 15d ago

I heard he had an in-school suspension two years ago for saying "fuck".


u/Freefall_J 15d ago

I'm 100% positive that someone out there would think this is proof enough that that child was a future "thug" and thus had the shooting coming in advance.


u/roguetrick 15d ago

Brother, they only care about his skin tone to make that decision. Any excuses they spin you are just so they can add "but I'm not racist" so they can keep their white friends.

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u/AdNormal5424 15d ago

I heard he once called a student a wimp, cop was definitely justified

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u/dirtymoney 15d ago

I REALLY want to see the officer's police report to see how he spins it.


u/uzlonewolf 15d ago

Probably reads "he was coming right for us!"

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u/BlindWillieJohnson 15d ago

The mother even told the officer that the intruder has left already.

After they'd kicked down the door and come in with their guns drawn.

This is the real problem with racist policing in America. It's not that all cops hate black people, so much as that all cops have become hammers and see black people as nails.

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u/ImReflexess 15d ago

Fired? What about arrested???


u/Kgarath 15d ago

I mean, shooting an innocent 11 year old is an instant go-to jail card for everyone else. I don't think there would be any doubt we'd be fired for it from whatever job we do.

But none of us are federal thugs with badges who are allowed to use fear and terror to keep the lower classes in line.


u/notsurewhereireddit 14d ago

I teach 11 year olds. If I went to stop a fight or something and gave a kid a concussion even on accident my fuckin goose would be cooked.

Qualified immunity (as applied to law enforcement in the US) is complete and utter bullshit.


u/BoltgunOnHisHip 14d ago

Qualified immunity protects them from civil suits. Their immunity from criminal prosecution comes from DAs just, y'know, not doing their jobs. Or people intentionally fucking with evidence/procedures to void the prosecution.


u/dalstrus 14d ago

To be clear, the DA doesn't prosecute police until and unless they have permission from them unofficially. When the police union turns on you your career as DA is effectively over, and if you don't relocate after, worse things can happen. Cops don't hesitate to harrass, stalk, and threaten people who attempt to hold them accountable for their actions


u/doctorwho07 14d ago

Sounds more like a gang than police...

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u/summonsays 14d ago

I imagine if I ever get accused of some horrible crime I'll probably say something like "Don't worry I'll quit my job, you don't have to press charges."

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u/MoonBatsRule 15d ago

Seriously - we need to raise the bar a lot higher than it is. You can't just shoot someone, period.

We have been sliding into this territory, first for police, and now for others, where you can just say "I feared for my life", and that gives you immunity. That is absolute bullshit. If you truly feared for your life, then you should be fucking grateful that you're alive enough to be put on trial.


u/IfItWerentForHorse 15d ago

Cops should be held to a higher standard than the general public, not lower.

If they can’t live with that, then fucking resign. And they absolutely can’t have their billions of dollars of military training, weapons, and equipment if they won’t even abide by military rules of engagement.

A PFC in Iraq or Afghanistan who did this would already be in the stockade. Cops should be held to higher standards than 19 year olds.


u/HyperGamers 15d ago edited 14d ago

If the cop was fearful of a little black kid, they're too much of a coward to be in the force.


u/sanityjanity 15d ago

They are also too fearful to be allowed to walk around freely, especially while armed.

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u/ThrowRAConsistent 15d ago

Pussies are strong and beautiful. Can we use some other term instead, like "coward"?

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u/angrylawyer 15d ago

The video of this shooting is stuck in my mind https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Philando_Castile

Cop asks for his ID, he says he’s got a gun on his hip, cop says not to reach for it then, he says he’s not, the driver of the car says he’s not, the cop then mag dumps into his chest then tells him to not pull it out.

The cop says in their testimony they couldn’t see a gun, they didn’t know where the gun was, but if the victim was okay smoking marijuana near their child and therefore killing them with second hand smoke, they obviously would have no problem shooting a cop dead. So the cop was fearing for their life and therefore had to murder them.


u/BigbySamMelody 15d ago

The video of his wife freaking out in the back of the police car and then her kid saying "calm down mom, I don't want you to get shooted too" is horrifying.


u/Toaster135 14d ago

Makes me want to cry reading that

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u/DuelingPushkin 14d ago

The fact that he was found not guilty of not even of murder but of the already reduced charge of second degree manslaughter is infuriating.


u/ub3rh4x0rz 14d ago

Every single person besides his lawyer involved in exonerating him should face criminal corruption charges for starters, if not accessory to murder after the fact

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u/Mad_Juju 15d ago

Whoa whoa whoa buddy, you're crossing a thin blue line there!


u/mrlizardwizard 15d ago

This right here. That officer should be in jail awaiting arraignment.


u/Wayelder 15d ago

Why not both.


u/HomeGrownCoffee 15d ago

Nah. He can wear his uniform in prison.

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u/ThinkSoftware 15d ago

Oh they’ll fire him

And then rehire him the next town over


u/Bee-baba-badabo 15d ago edited 14d ago

Already happened with this guy once! Pretty sure it's the same guy.



Edit: The photos in my links are 10 years old and I can't be certain they're the same guy.


u/WorriedRiver 15d ago

Wow this should be in all the reports. This guy's an infamous repeat offender?


u/SacrificialPwn 15d ago

The majority of police involved in shootings are repeat offenders. I'll have to try to find the study, but it's crazy how many have previously shot people or accused of excessive force

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u/RO489 15d ago

This guy clearly has poor impulse control. Best case scenario, he saw movement and got scared and shot. And that’s not a person you want as an officer. So even giving him the most benefit of the doubt, and even without his history, he’s not fit for duty. And yet I’m sure he’ll pop back up

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u/thisendup76 15d ago

I hear Florida is hiring these guys specifically


u/ResurgentClusterfuck 15d ago

Giving them cash incentives, even


u/808ocd 15d ago

meatball ron giving $6000 bonus for officers from out of state who have misconduct on their records.

he's building a gang of violent dogs to sick on protestors.


u/MineralPoint 15d ago edited 14d ago

Florida has a shortage of mouth-breathing, booger-eaters with a knack for cousin-fucking, a hankering for bedlam and a propensity toward violence? No way, I've been to Jacksonville and the town is full of these majestic creatures.

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u/ResurgentClusterfuck 15d ago

He's building his Schutzstaffel


u/northshore12 15d ago

"You know, that Hitler guy had some pretty good ideas, and we're doing our best to recreate his Final Solution (to save the children, of course)." - every Republican


u/ZellZoy 15d ago

Except making trains run on time, they hate that part


u/reflUX_cAtalyst 15d ago

That's absurd - the trains ran on coal, not time.

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u/Mick_86 15d ago

At what stage, if any, can the federal government intervene to stop a state going full Nazi?

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u/moeburn 15d ago

meatball ron giving $6000 bonus for officers from out of state who have misconduct on their records.

Is this really a thing? I haven't heard about it, I'm in Canada so we don't get ALL the US news up here just the big stuff. Is there a source on that detail?

Cause if it's true, then yeah, there can be only one purpose, brownshirts.


u/fl0wc0ntr0l 15d ago

One time $5000 bonus, program in effect since 2021 with more than $13M USD spent on it already. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/may/22/ron-desantis-police-relocation-violent-records


u/moeburn 15d ago edited 15d ago

A Palm Beach police spokesperson told the Daily Dot that Meblin – who had complaints against him including abuse of authority and sexually propositioning a teenager – had disclosed his background during the hiring process, according to the NYPD watchdog 50-a.org.

He has been an “exemplary” officer since he was hired in October 2022, the same month he left the NYPD, the spokesperson said, while denying a request to allow Meblin to be interviewed.

Fucks sakes, I know some of these voters are thinking "other blue states are too hard on cops giving beatdowns on criminals", but are they really cool with giving pedophiles a pass? I thought "stop the pedophiles in powerful positions" was the GOP's main thing right now, and here they are giving one a gun.


u/Futurames 14d ago

Convince them that it somehow owns the libs in some way and they’ll turn a blind eye to almost anything.


u/bros402 14d ago

I mean Alabama almost elected Roy Moore, a man who has a wikipedia article dedicated to his sexual misconduct allegations soooo


u/BarbequedYeti 14d ago

but are they really cool with giving pedophiles a pass

Yes. As long as they are seen as owning the libs, these people will offer up their children to play with.

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u/Braelind 15d ago

Wait, 13m / 5k = 2600.
Has Florida seriously hired 2600 of the US's worst cops?!

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u/Phalkyn 15d ago

I didn't see any mention of there needing to be a record, but seems to be reported on ina few places like flgov and fox that there's a bonus that after tax is $5000.

Considering how easy it is to get hired in another locale, even with firing/discipline problems, I could see that being an assumption. It may not be specifically problem officers he's looking for, but that's likely the end result.


u/tyme 15d ago

Having a record isn’t required, it just isn’t a disqualification.

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u/Dorkamundo 15d ago

No, let's at least get it right.

It's not a bonus if you have misconduct on your record, they give the bonus to everyone they hire.

But the standards are low, so they hire people who DO have misconduct.

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u/luna_beam_space 15d ago

Florida is hiring scared-little bitchmen who shoot first and don't ask questions later?


u/cC2Panda 15d ago edited 15d ago

Yes, they specifically allocated resources for hiring police officers who can't get jobs in other states because they are too much of a liability.


u/possiblycrazy79 15d ago

The older I get, the more it seems like having 50 "states" within 1 "country" just seems so incredibly absurd. How are we all meant to feel like true countrymen under these circumstances?


u/mmmbopdoombop 15d ago

Your country seems pretty well divided at the moment, and I'm not blaming those who say love your fellow man regardless of superficial differences for this division either

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u/cspinelive 15d ago


u/CosmicCleric 15d ago

From the article...

In 2020, a Reuters analysis of roughly 3,000 complaints against Minneapolis police officers from the previous eight years showed that nine of every 10 were resolved without punishment or intervention. Just five officers were fired.

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u/Icy-Letterhead-2837 15d ago

Avoid all the paperwork, just put him on paid leave for three days. "He won't get caught do ing that again."


u/Puzzleheaded-Grab736 15d ago

After his promotion and paid leave.

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u/somewhereinks 15d ago

A Mississippi police officer who shot and wounded an unarmed 11-year-old Black boy in the child’s home should be fired, an attorney for the child’s mother said Thursday.

I disagree. The cop should be cooling his heels in jail just like any other member of the general public would be.


u/tab_tab_tabby 14d ago

Yeah that attorney is going for wayyyyyy too small. They should at least aim high and agree with lower results...

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u/ArcherChase 15d ago

A guy in a warehouse drops a pallet breaking product gets fired on the spot.

EMTs who are sent to save someone instead run them over with the Ambulance would be fired.

Teachers who simply show the wrong movie get fired.

Police shoot a child and nothing but paid vacation and investigated by the same scum who defend his behavior.

America is a joke.


u/eeyore134 15d ago

We need to make this way more specific, because police are always shooting children. This cop shot a child who called them because there was an intruder threatening his mother. He did all the right things and should have had the cops patting him on the back and calling him a hero for stepping up and being brave and knowing what to do. Instead, he walks into the room and they try to murder him. It was a shot to the chest, not just "wounded". They make it sound like he got winged in the arm or something. They broke ribs, collapsed his lung, and lacerated his liver. That's probably going to be lifelong damage. All this after the mom told the police the intruder was gone and nobody was there but her and her kids and they called out for them to come into the room. So it's not like they should have been surprised when he came in. It's ridiculous.


u/ElysianBlight 14d ago

I really want to know what this cop has to say for himself. There is no excuse, but what in the world was he thinking?


u/Teantis 14d ago

It's very obvious cops live in fear, are deeply cowardly, and most probably shouldn't have guns.

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u/VonFluffington 15d ago

But...but...but...back the blue you dirty commie!!


u/FistfullofFucks 15d ago

Fun fact, the Navy (and at least some of the DoD) now consider the black and white Thin Blue Line American flag to be a symbol of terrorism, and potential extremist behavior.


u/seriouslees 15d ago

better years late than never I guess.


u/YesOrNah 15d ago

The marines recently banned the confederate flag….fucking think about how crazy it was to ever be allowed.


u/YourGodIsEvil 14d ago

Yah it was weirdly controversial too.

Like, my guy, we're in the country that destroyed the confederacy. Black people are in the Corps. Should have never been allowed.


u/FistfullofFucks 14d ago

That ban started during Trumps administration and is the same ban intended to curtail the display of other flags such as the Thin Blue Line, as these flags are considered divisive and potentially source of conflict or demoralization.


u/DaSpawn 15d ago

That flag always looked to me like the police dividing America

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u/Admirable_You_5413 15d ago

I almost got fired when a water jug fell over at work. I put it away in the very dumb place my boss told me to put it. It later fell and broke. Barely kept my job.



u/reddit_reaper 15d ago

Welcome to the country that keeps voting for Republicans who are trying to make this country into a far right controlled country only and yet they're still scared of Dems being communist because they're morons

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u/SmokeGSU 15d ago

“We are demanding justice,” Moore said during a protest that his law office showed on livestream video.

Justice would be finding the officer guilty of attempted murder. Losing his fucking job? That's the bare minimum expectation as the guy is clearly unfit for the job.


u/chrispy_bacon 14d ago

Fired? He needs to be jailed.


u/[deleted] 15d ago



u/Chance5e 15d ago

I think most people would be satisfied with police being held accountable. Qualified immunity and police union special treatment needs to come to an end.

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u/Whitewind617 15d ago

Moore said Nakala Murry asked her son to call police at about 4 a.m. Saturday when the father of one of her other children showed up at her home. Moore said the man was irate and Nakala Murry felt threatened.

“He called the police to come to his mother’s rescue,” Moore said of Aderrien. “He called his grandmother to come to his mother’s rescue. The police came there and escalated the situation.”

Moore said two officers responded, and one kicked the front door before Nakala Murry opened it. She told them the intruder had left the home but three children were inside, Moore said.

Moore said Nakala Murry told him that Sgt. Greg Capers, who is Black, yelled into the home and said anyone inside should come out with their hands up. Moore said Aderrien walked into the living room with nothing in his hands, and Capers shot him in the chest.

What the actual fuck is this. Like do they not agree that people should be fired for simple incompetence? There was nobody dangerous in that home and the cop shot a kid. Any other career you'd be fired for fuckups way less than this, but cops apparently don't need to do anything right to maintain their jobs and pay. It's disgusting.

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u/reshp2 15d ago

Shot for literally doing what the officer asked him to do.

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u/[deleted] 15d ago



u/gudematcha 15d ago

THANKFULLY this kid is recovering in the hospital. So many other people haven’t been so lucky. We need serious Police reform especially with training. It takes more schooling to be a Barber than it does a fucking cop.

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u/Icy_Hovercraft2369 15d ago

That officer should be serving prison time.

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u/wifespissed 15d ago

In my town the people want to hire more police to respond to the crime we don't have. More police will not prevent crime.


u/Southernerd 15d ago

WTF. I've got an 11yo. Anyone that sees a child this age as a threat justifying deadly force has no business possessing a badge or a firearm.

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u/thedeadsigh 15d ago

Police being held accountable for their actions? Not bloody likely. Not while all these dipshits are sucking them off with their blue lives matter bumper stickers.

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u/[deleted] 15d ago edited 1d ago

FUCK REDDIT. We create the content they use for free, so I am taking my content back


u/Xardrix 15d ago edited 15d ago

Police departments are (financially) incentivized to cover for their officers, even if they know they are wrong, because it’s not the officer that will be sued. It is the whole department.

Source: Have worked for a sheriffs department that nearly always took their officers’ side and then quietly let them go later for unrelated reasons.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to Incentivize the department to throw these chuckle nuts under the bus?


u/inucune 15d ago

It is mutually assured destruction. the 'bad cops' outnumber the 'good cops,' so a good cop reporting a bad cop just makes them a target for the rest.

But to not just complain... here's a few 'improvements' (i won't say solutions) that could be made:

  • require a 4 year degree or previous military service (must be honorably discharged... no LTH or DH) Open their worldview up a bit.

  • require officers to have an equivalent to malpractice insurance. If they want to keep their unions, then the union is responsible for paying this. Officers that become liabilities will have higher insurance rates. A person who cannot be insured should not be an officer.

  • Train officers to de-escalate situations. I understand that there are people who shoot at police, but officers should not assume every person is out to kill them.

  • remove or soften the military terminology. Police are not soldiers, they are citizens.

    • Police should not be performing raids. That should be national guard or another 3-letter agency. Police should only be support role in these operations.

I don't think any of these are unreasonable.


u/iBoredMax 15d ago

You should run for office so I can vote for you.

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u/redheadartgirl 15d ago Take My Energy

Does anybody have any ideas on how to Incentivize the department to throw these chuckle nuts under the bus?

We have the most American of solutions at our disposal: get capitalism involved. Specifically, require law enforcement to carry malpractice insurance. I have worked in the insurance industry for 20 years, and this would absolutely work. This would mean that police who make poor judgment calls that lead to things like lawsuits or claims would face higher premiums or even have their coverage dropped altogether. Being uninsurable would mean bad cops couldn't just pick up new positions in the next county. Insurance companies could even institute continuing education requirements for premium reductions on "expensive" topics like unconscious bias, use of force, etc. that would eventually lead to better, more effective policing. ("Who would pay for this?" you ask. The insurance companies happily do continuing education training all the time because it has been shown to reduce their eventual payouts.)

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk.


u/Recycledineffigy 15d ago

No one is better at quantifying danger than the actuarial insurance machine.


u/redheadartgirl 15d ago

People who joke that accountants are nerds have never met actuaries.

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u/KingBretwald 15d ago

Cop Unions and Qualified Immunity.

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u/DifficultyMore5935 15d ago

How is it even a question? He shot an innocent kid he was there to protect.

The standard for our police force is so fucking low.


u/zztop610 15d ago

Fuck firing, they need to sue the pants of the State

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u/Soul_Traitor 15d ago

They should demanding jail time.


u/Graphitetshirt 15d ago

Fire him, charge him, try him, convict him

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u/Just_trying444 15d ago

How’s it as a society we’ve chosen to protect pedophiles, and protects people who murder children


u/UncannyTarotSpread 15d ago

It’s because of the way hierarchies choose to protect and maintain themselves over, you know, basic decency


u/supercyberlurker 15d ago

Yep, a hierarchy protects those in authority more than suspects those in authority.

Society is still slowly developing the immunization there, to go from assuming people with power over others should be trusted.. to questioning if people with power over others shouldn't be trusted.

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u/Valdrax 15d ago

The boy lived, thankfully, though he spent 5 days in the hospital being treated for lung & liver damage.


u/fistulatedcow 15d ago

And now probably has PTSD at the age of 11. Such an awful situation. 😞 I hope he doesn’t have lingering physical effects at least.


u/Valdrax 15d ago

Another terrible impact is that the whole reason this happened is that the family reached out to the cops for protection after one of his mother's former exes showed up acting aggressively.

Now who are they going to turn to if/when it happens again? If he decides to take advantage of the situation or gets angry and aggressive that they'd dare try to call the cops on him?

This was one family that trusted the law to protect them that has had that sense of security brutally ripped away. What will they have to endure or turn to for protection instead?

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u/InternetJerk4U 15d ago

Why would anyone in power go after their own friends though? Can't enforce laws if it means arresting yourself or BFF.


u/DarthBrooks69420 15d ago

It's more that we have a legal system that works different ways depending on a dynamic of the kind of lawyers you can afford, the kind of influence you can buy, and the kind of power you have at your disposal.

On top of all that, when you have the ability to do targeted hits on the families of the people who are supposed to hold you accountable, or to run them out of office by refusing to do your sworn duty (sometimes while crying about your Oath to the constitution, ironically enough), it's surprising we've even come this far to be honest.

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u/liberal_meateater 14d ago

What was the copaganda story put out to counter this murder?

Cops saves puppies?


u/teffaw 15d ago edited 14d ago

They misspelled charged and incarcerated…

Edit: I spel bad. I spel badder on mobile.

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u/HeaDeKBaT 15d ago

"Government employee who shot a child should be fired". What a crazy world we live in that this is in fact the conversation, and not whether this guy should be in prison and for how many years.


u/Crimfresh 15d ago

Fired should be a given. He should be arrested and tried for manslaughter at a minimum. AT A MINIMUM. It's absolutely inexcusable to shoot a child in a calm and controlled situation.

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