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AITA for sacrificing my daughter's college fund because her sister just gave birth to her 4th child?


My (48F) older daughter (24F) gave birth to her 4th child six months ago.

She used to work as a dishwasher, but due to health issues stemming from her 2nd child ( chronic back pain) and then her 3rd child ( after effects of broken tailbone and more chronic pain that made standing and moving around hard), she can no longer work. She tried her best, getting an office temp job but after about a week the woman supervising her said " This isn't working out."

She was a very uptight woman who claims just because always took her 3 days max to train everybody else to the data entry work that she can't just be a good person and accommodate slower learners. That woman likely caused her to get a bad reputation at the temp agency and she didn't get hired elsewhere.

My daughter's boyfriend (28M) works at Walmart. He had much more hours when she was pregnant, but since then his hours have ebbed and flowed. He said he will take a day in the future to look for jobs, but it's the holidays and he's busy with family.

I feel a lot of empathy for my daughter and her boyfriend and wish I could help them out more but I myself and a single mom working for a nursing home where I struggle to get full time hours and my ex ran up a lot of debt in both our names and is now living in another country.

My younger daughter (17F) has a college fund. The amount in it would be enough to pay a large amount of a 2 year community college tuition ( given the scholarships/ grants she would likely get). She's applied to 4 year universities with the understanding that she'd be taking out loans and working, so she's deciding between 4 years and community college.

The other shoe dropped after my older daughter's landlord found out that they were having her boyfriend's brother and girlfriend living in their one bedroom in exchange for them helping with the rent and they got evicted.

My daughter agrees it was wrong to lie to the landlord, and both parents are depressed because her boyfriend got a job offer one state away and they would have to move from their support network. They came to me asking for help so they could have more time to find financial stability here. I was torn but seeing my grandkids I knew my duty was to care for the most vulnerable in the family.

So I will be making calls to liquidate my daughter's college fund, saying yes to understanding the penalties, and told my daughter this. She got very cold and said " You always brag about having a good memory- I hope you remember this moment then."

She has not spoken to me since. Spent Thanksgiving inquiring at with family friends to see if hospitals are keen to hire college students for kitchen or reception or anything. Made some cryptic posts about how she hopes she'll be grateful one day that she won't have the privilege of studying anything outside of something technical because she needs something where she'll always be able to find a job in. AITA?

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Just to hear his voice 🥹

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Politics President Jimmy Carter (99) attends the memorial service for his wife Rosalyn 🥲

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Happy Chrismukkah

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doggo You were adopted

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Donald Trump says he never swore oath "to support the Constitution"


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First image from Fallout TV series

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Site Altered Headline Republicans Reject Hunter Biden’s Offer of Public Testimony


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😡 Venting Thinking Like This Is Why Universal Healthcare Is Such A Hard Sell In America

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Meme/Macro Built-in webcams with quality from 20 years ago

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from the late 1900's

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Israel/Palestine Aunt says Hamas forced 12-year-old hostage to watch videos of atrocities, aimed gun at him when he cried

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You jerks lied to me. My whole life is a lie!

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Trump's swearing-in video contradicts legal team's claim that he never swore to support the Constitution.


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Discussion GenXer’s take on broke millennials and why they put up with this


As a GenXer in my early 50’s who works with highly educated and broke millennials, I just feel bad for them. 1) Debt slaves: These millennials were told to go to school and get a good job and their lives will be better. What happened: Millennials became debt slaves, with no hope of ever paying off their debt. On a mental level, they are so anxious because their backs are against a wall everyday. They have no choice, but to tread water in life everyday. What a terrible way to live. 2) Our youth was so much better. I never worried about money until I got married at 30 years old. In my 20s, I quit my jobs all of the time and travelled the world with a backpack and had a college degree and no debt at 30. I was free for my 20s. I can’t imagine not having that time to be healthy, young and getting sex on a regular basis. 3) The music offered a counterpoint to capitalism. Alternative Rock said things weren’t about money and getting ahead. It dealt with your feelings of isolation, sadness, frustration without offering some product to temporarily relieve your pain. It offered empathy instead of consumer products. 4) Housing was so cheap: Apartments were so cheap. I’m talking 300 dollars a month cheap. Easily affordable! Then we bought cheap houses and now we are millionaires or close. Millennials can not even afford a cheap apartment. 5) Our politicians aren’t listening to millennials and offer no solutions. Why you all do not band together and elect some politicians from your generation who can help, I’llnever know. Instead, a lot of the media seems to try and distract you with things to be outraged about like Bud Light and Litter Boxes in school bathrooms. Weird shit that doesn’t matter or affect your lives. Just my take, but how long can millennials take all this bullshit without losing their minds. Society stole their freedom, their money, their future and their hope.

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TIL researchers testing the Infinite Monkey theorem: Not only did the monkeys produce nothing but five total pages largely consisting of the letter "S", the lead male began striking the keyboard with a stone, and other monkeys followed by urinating and defecating on the machine


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[Roumeliotis] Blackhawks have placed Corey Perry on unconditional waivers and plan to terminate his contract, effective immediately.

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A cool guide about what residents from every U.S. state are called

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Sad ending Life has been a blur ever since the pandemic

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Meta BGS answering the bad reviews on Steam


How very AI of them.

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Meme What would you choose?

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rare video smuggled from North Korea showing soldiers at work in a construction site

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