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21 • be honest w/ me


looking for open opinions and suggestions 💐

it’s my first time posting , and appreciate the honesty ive seen .

( live verification photo at the end )

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Flaired Users Only You were warned.

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Humor/Cringe Genuinely revolting, nearly made me throw up

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Video Russians successfully use FPV drones against the Ukrainian equipment on Zaporozhye

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4HEAD | NoPixel GG Moves out


r/RPClipsGTA 18h ago

Kyle | IgniteRP Lionel Riggs becomes the first State Marshal of Los Santos


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📣 Мнения Почему я считаю, что украинцам можно шутить про мертвых россиян


Такие шутки помогают выпустить агрессию от очередного теракта, а также не забывать благодаря кому он произошел. К россиянам сначала, до войны, потом до полномасштабного вторжения, относились по человечески. Они все равно, в большинстве, решили что имеют право нас убивать. Нам нужно помнить на что они способны, чтоб в будущем быть готовыми к очередному геноциду, я считаю - это вопрос национальной безопасности Украины. Не должно быть после войны желания убрать забор на границе, потому что мы вернемся в ту же точку. И они должны понимать, что с цветами встречать их армию не будут никогда. А некий человек уже забыл про все преступления рф и дальше тащит к нам россиян, которые ничего не решают, не донатят ЗСУ, и умалчивают сколько же путинов в россии.

И шутки - это не призывы убивать или совершать другие преступления, а один из способов выхода негативных эмоций, которых больше чем нужно.

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Lala is insufferable.


That is all. She’s so much bark and so little substance. Fake bravado. All about female empowerment but only when it serves her. She’s the type of ‘friend’ you know would be the first to backstab you when it suits her and then completely rewrites history to suit her narrative. Talk about the definition of someone who gaslights. She’s clearly deeply hurt and bitter about what happened to her and instead of focusing on getting help and healing, she’s channeling the hurt in all the wrong ways.

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Clip [lord_kebun] Jewelry & Rellics to be removed from the city soon


r/DrDisrespectLive 19h ago

A reminder to all the flappy gums regarding Doc & Nickmercs


Just because Doc disagrees with Call of Duty's decision & is standing by his boy Nickmercs does not mean that he agrees or disagrees with your particular set of politics - EITHER SIDE. This isn't a validation or denial of your political views. Get the politics out of the arena and let's DOMINATE.

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Ranking every jersey in Wild history (worst to first, details in the comments)


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Alex KO’s a piece of shit

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One of the most satisfying moment in mma history

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Low-Effort Post Title

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Ludwig Ludwig plays OnlyUP


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Discussion How useful is kazuha outside of abyss?


I'm in a bit of a dillema, i want yae miko and i mean i really want yae miko but evryone keeps saying that kazuha is like a top tier charecter that you absolutely can't live without, me personally i don't care about floor 12 all that much and I've never been able to go past floor 11-2 anyways, i don't really care about kazuha as a charecter, i know you should pull who you like but it feels like i am about to commit a crime by even thinking of not pulling kazuha, if kazuha havers can tell me how usefull you find him outside of abyss like in the overworld and domains that would be really nice,

Edit- i don't care about exploring because i already use wanderer

Edit 2 - i currently use sucrose who provides em and atk buff (the 3 star catalyst) both of which i can get from using her skill along with good swirl DMG from burst, how much of an upgrade would kazuha be in terms of pure team support to her?

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AndyMilonakis | IgniteRP permission to launch


r/confessions 5h ago

I find it egregiously hypocritical for trans people to demand to be called a certain gender, but try to force non trans people to go by cis gender.


The title. Not much past that. I genuinely hate being called cis or cisgender. I’m a man. I was born a man. If I can respect your wish to be called what you want, which I do and openly defend that for you, then you should do the same.

Edit: sweet goodness, how did nearly all of y’all misunderstand my point? I know what cis means. I knew what it meant before making this post.

Y’all don’t run around calling trans women biological males and trans men biological females, right? Why? Because, regardless of how true it is, it’s not what they want to be called. The problem is asking for something you aren’t willing to give. Just because some don’t have a problem with it doesn’t mean others won’t.

Also to answer some others of you on this, calling a person “trans” in many cases has been seen as disrespectful and heinous because the person didn’t reveal the information themselves and they were being “outed”. If it’s true, why be mad about someone “outing” you and how is that any different from me just wanting to be called a man?

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Okay, okay so yes all the albums are amazing in their own way. But let’s be adults for a second and just admit that Like Clockwork is the best. Let’s cut the BS.


Look, I love all the other albums as much you do. I think they’re all amazing and have different things to offer. But when you really sit back and look at the bigger picture, Lick clockwork is the clear masterpiece. An absolute classic. An album that will be remembered in history.

r/DreamlightValley 3h ago Gold Bravo!

Discussion Please STOP COMPLAINING about everything


Omg I can't take it anymore. We GET IT, you're mad about the new update. Get OVER IT.

You're complaining about the lack of content, you're complaining about wall-e's bundle, you're complaining about prices, you're complaining about people complaining...

We get it, you're mad. But I've seen AT LEAST 20 posts about THE. SAME. THING.

Write those stuffs to developers, or idk, write a post where you go like "complain here" and let everyone comment, but please, PLEASE STOP spamming this sub like this.

You have all the rights to be mad and everything, but can we just get back to 2 days ago, where we'd post our outfits and valleys? There are also things that work pretty well in this update. So just get over it and enjoy the game, ok?

I'm sorry, but someone HAD TO say it.

r/RedDeer 21h ago

PSA I wish I could say I’m shocked but I’m not. However my blood is boiling. If you know anything about who did this please call the Red Deer RCMP and report it. Happy Pride Month everyone 🏳️‍🌈

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r/legal 19h ago

Considering how obvious Trump's crimes are with this latest 37 count indictment and all of the evidence, including his own recordings, how could he possibly get away with it?


Legal experts seem to think this is a slam dunk:

To veteran national security lawyer Kel McClanahan, it brought to mind "the Godfather — if it was reenacted by a five-year-old."

"I found it hilarious that some of his most incriminating things were recorded by his lawyers," McClanahan told Insider. "Beautiful."

To McClanahan, the executive director of National Security Counselors and a lecturer at George Washington University's law school, Smith's indictment against Trump is "masterfully written."

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Landlords are the scum of the earth, your the reason why they have to rent.

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r/AusFinance 10h ago

Governor Lowe should be afforded more respect.


Not only around these forums but in public debate. Did you know Lowe has a PhD from MIT? Not RMIT, MIT. His PhD and numerous published academic papers weren’t written about 17th century cheese making techniques.

The good doctor occupies a tremendously difficult job in the best of times. Criticised for keeping rates too low and fuelling asset values on one hand, crucified for ‘holding rates too high and hindering job creation’ on the other.

Given the far-reaching consequences of his and the RBA board’s decisions, scrutiny is warranted and criticism to be expected. However, name another unelected public servant that has the same level of abuse hurled at them.

The Doc has a job to do. You don’t abuse your GP and joke about their job tenure when they’re helping treat your latest flair up of herpes.

E: would seem my communication is as poor as the man himself. I meant for this post to be around how Lowe is attacked etc though most comments are about RBA decisions and Lowe’s poor comms.

Sure seems Lowe isn’t popular around here…I wonder if the mood would be different in a rate cutting environment…

r/teenmom 17h ago

who is all of your favourite teen moms or all time?


and can you please hook me up with some karma, cause I need to grow my acct (I'd appreciate all of you!)

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kyliebitkin | NoPixel Ramee becomes a full member of Yokai